Morphe x Jaclyn Hill: Armed and Gorgeous Review and Swatches!

Hi Friends!

Today I wanted to review the Armed and Gorgeous palette from the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Vault collection. I have already reviewed the Ring the Alarm and the Dark Magic palettes so if you haven’t read those posts go back and do that! I also wrote a post with an overview of this collection and talked a bit about the drama with the palette recall.

The Armed and Gorgeous palette was definitely one of the palettes that caused the palette recall debacle. But that is all in the past, and this is a brand new palette (or so they say). This palette does retail for $15 and comes with 10 eyeshadows and a mirror!

The theme of this palette is like “beautiful FBI agent” which is pretty cute. The shade names definitely go with that theme for the most part. I think out of the vault collection, Dark Magic definitely had the most consistent theme but I like this one also.

Morphe x Jaclyn Hill The Vault Collection Review | Tayler's Edit

Just looking at this palette, right off the bat, its pretty. It doesn’t WOW me but I have been really into yellow eyeshadows so I do have a little interest in this one. If I didn’t buy the full collection, I probably wouldn’t have reached for this one. Let’s talk about the shade range.

In the first row, you have:

VIP – This is satin white pearl shimmer shade. This is a great inner corner highlight. Like so good that I would go into this palette just for that shade. It is not completely opaque so you do have to build it up if you want it to be opaque but still overall a really good shade and start to this palette.

Access – This is a matte yellow shadow. Like I said above, I have really been into yellow lately and this is a pretty good shadow! It blends really easily and has great pigment. I definitely like this one too.

Gilt Trip – This is a bright yellow shimmer shade. It is really beautiful too and feels really soft to swatch. I don’t see myself using this shade a lot but it still really nice.

Coin – This is a super metallic bright gold shimmer shade. Its really pretty but again, I don’t see myself using this one that much. It is just a little dramatic. Although I did use it as an inner corner highlight one day and it was really pretty.

Agent – This is a cool orange matte shade. I did used this to deepen up my crease when I used Access in my crease. It is a good matte shade – nothing crazy special.


In the second row, you have:

Top Secret – This is a matte army green. This is the infamous trouble shade. I have to admit, I did have a little trouble with this shade at the beginning. It was a little patchy when I tried to blend it. I then switch brushes and tried stamping on my eyelid instead and it worked really well. I don’t think this is a shadow that will work with any look but I did make it work for my eye look.

Smooth Criminal – This is a boring matte brown shade. Morphe has a million matte brown shades so although this one isn’t special – it is still decent. I understand why it was included in this palette.

Secure – This is a slightly brighter orange matte shade than Agent. There really isn’t a need to have them both in this palette, it just seems like they could have provided another green or something else to make this palette a little more versatile.

Prowl – This is a cool matte brown shade. This one is much darker than Smooth Criminal so I don’t have a complaint about two matte browns. This is a good shade, it blends really well.

Classified – This is a glittery / shimmery bronze shade. This is a really unique shade, I must admit. It is really beautiful as an all over the lid shade.


I saw a review where someone said that the shimmer shades were hard to pick up with a rush, which hasn’t been my experience. All of them seem to do pretty well with a brush. There are definitely a few winners in this palette in my opinion.


I have kind of been moving away from warm tones but I think this palette has a good mix that will make it a good fall palette. This palette is definitely not perfect. There are definitely improvements that I would like to make but overall, I do see myself getting use out of the palette. I initially didn’t think I would like this palette very much but I do! I recommend this palette if you think this would be a good addition to what you already have. Obviously we all already have a lot of warm tones so if you won’t get use out of it, don’t buy it!

Well, that is it for me today friends! Let me know down below what you think of this palette or about Morphe in general! I would love to know!!


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  1. I really like this one! I want a palette with a really nice matte green though. Can’t find one! I also saw there was some controversy over the Agent shade…there was a chemical called Agent Orange used as a warfare tactic and people were questioning why on Earth she picked the orange shade for that name. Makes you wonder…

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