Oklahoma Adventures | Local Craft Breweries

Hi Friends!

David and I took a spontaneous trip up to Oklahoma City this weekend! We were getting ready Saturday morning and I asked David what he wanted to do for the day and he said that he really wanted to go up to Oklahoma City to visit a couple of breweries. So I said let’s do it! We actually weren’t planning to stay very long because we had plans Saturday night with David’s cousin but they ended up cancelling on us on our way up!

After making a couple of stops, the first brewery that we went to was called Rough Tail Brewery!   This is one of David’s favorite breweries and one of the main reasons why we went up to Oklahoma. David is part of an Oklahoma Craft Brewery page on Facebook so he had actually interacted with the bartender on there before.


I got the Everything Rhymes with Orange IPA and David pretty much tried everything else on draft!


We then went to Prairie Artisan Ales Brewery! Prairie Artisan is a lot of fun because they are so unique with their artwork. They were tucked away in this marketplace, we almost missed that they were there. The bartenders there were so nice. They were very professional and helpful! We mentioned that we were from Dallas so they recommended a few dinner places that we should checkout.

The beers that we had there were amazing! David got this delicious stout called PDX that was seriously just like coffee. We basically begged them to let us take it home but they said it was only for on-site consumption. So if you are ever in OKC, hit up the Prairie Artisan brewery and try PDX!


The next brewery that we went to was StoneCloud. This was a brewery that I hadn’t heard of before but they had a pretty big building. They were probably the most busy out of all the breweries that we went to. Again, the bartenders were super nice. They also made some recommendations for dinner and talked to us for awhile. It was a lot of fun just hanging out there.


The last brewery that we went to was called Brewer’s Union and it was actually a hub for 4 other local breweries. The breweries that they have there are Vanessa House, Elk Valley Brewing, Angry Scotsman Brewing, and Kolibri Ale Works. This was a cool place just because it had a lot of options! We, of course, tried a bunch of different things here.


We picked up several t-shirts, glasses and stickers at each place! David has a Yeti cooler that he has completely covered in beer stickers now. He bought some beer to take home and a couple of things for his brother as well.

All of these breweries were a lot of fun! I am so glad we spontaneously decided to go up to Oklahoma and I am glad we had plenty of time to visit all of these places. It was just a great day! Let me know down below what your favorite beer is! Have you ever been to a brewery? I would love to know!


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