Morphe x Jaclyn Hill: Bling Boss Review and Swatches!

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I am finally reviewing the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Bling Boss palette. I have already reviewed the other palettes that came in the Vault Collection so if you are interested in those, I’ll have them linked below. If you aren’t familiar already, Morphe recently released another collection with Jaclyn Hill which was the Vault Collection. These were all eyeshadow shades that they ruled out for the actual Jaclyn Hill palette and then put together in 4 separate palettes called the Vault.

Morphe x Jaclyn Hill The Vault Collection Review | Tayler's Edit


The Bling Boss palette is the palette that I was most excited about when this palette released! I am super into purples right now, ever since the Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina palette released. This one also seemed the most unique – just looking at the shade range, I really like it!

This palette does retail for $15 and comes with 10 shades and a mirror. Let’s jump into each shade!

In the first row, you have:

Bling Bling – This is a beautiful baby pink white shimmer shade. This shade really is beautiful, it layers really well on the matte and the shimmer shades in this palette.

Hush Hush – This is a matte mauve tan-ish shade. It is a nice shade as well, I like the color. It is the most transition shade in the entire palette.

Gem – This is the stand out shade in the palette. It is a bright violet shimmer shade. It really is GORGEOUS!

Pizzazz – This is a pretty magenta shimmer shade. This has a slightly different feel than the other shimmer shades in the palette. It isn’t as bright but it does have a nice sheen.

Mystic – This is a normal matte dark brown shade. This is Morphe’s signature shade – it isn’t anything special but it is pretty good.


In the second row, you have:

Sparks – This is a matte ruby red. This is a really nice shade as well. It is very pigmented and blends very easily.

Glitz & Glam – This is a beautiful champagne gold shimmer shade. It’s a really nice shade and looks beautiful on the eyes.

Rockstar – This is a matte mulberry shade. It doesn’t swatch that well but it does blend really nicely on the eyes.

Ballsy – This is a golden shimmer shade. It is very similar to Bling Bling but slightly darker and more pink. Its also very beautiful but I don’t think you need both in this palette.

Berry Treasure – This is a really unique shade. It is a matte black with purple glitter. It is actually really pretty. I know a lot of people hate glitter in their matte shades but I do think this one pulls it off. I love the way it feels when you swatch it.


Overall, there are a lot of winners in this palette. The shimmer shades in this palette don’t pick up that well with certain brush but they do work well with some brushes and your finger. All of the shades are pretty pigmented and blend really well. I have enjoyed working with every shade in this palette.

Out of all of the palettes in the Vault Collection, this one is easily my favorite. I think every shade is really nice and totally worth the $15. Of course, it doesn’t have some fundamental shades like a matte cream, but it is a great companion palette.I definitely recommend this palette if you are looking to pick up just 1 palette out of this collection!


Well that is it for me today! Let me know down below what you think of this collection! Which palette is your favorite? I would love to know!!

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