Oklahoma Adventures | OKC Memorial + Eating Dinner with Shaq!

Hi Friends!

As you may have seen, David and I went up to Oklahoma City last weekend as a spontaneous trip! We mainly went for all of the local breweries but we also did a couple of other fun things that I thought I would talk about today!

When we were talking to one of the bar tenders at Prairie Artisan Ales brewery, he recommended going to the OKC Memorial and Museum which is remembrance of the OKC bombings back in 1995. I really wasn’t aware of this event or the Alfred. P. Murrah Federal Building before this trip. The memorial was beautiful. It was mainly a long shallow pool that was really long.


They also had small headstones in a green field to the right of the pool for all of the people that died because of the terrorist attack.


The original federal building was still standing but they turned it into the OKC bombing museum. Unfortunately, the  museum was already closed by the time we came around but overall the memorial was incredible. I’m really glad we were able to see it!


The bar tender at Prairie Artisan Ales also recommended a few dinner joints! One of the main ones that he suggested was a steak house called Mickey Mantle’s. Obviously names after the famous baseball play Mickey Mantle. We honestly didn’t do much research about this place. We were kind of craving steak and like I mentioned in my last post – this trip was completely spontaneous.

Well we arrive at Mickey Mantle’s and have to wait about 10 minutes to be seated which isn’t too bad. After we were sat though, it took awhile for our waiter to come around. But he finally came around and got our drink order and gave us his recommendation for dinner which was the surf and turf. Well, David thought the surf and turf sounded great but then we look at the menu and it was $250!!

So obviously, that was a no. We ended up getting the fried mushrooms for an appetizer and then we both got the shrimp alfredo for our meals. Overall, service was just kind of slow. We ended up having to ask where our food was and then while we were still eating we asked for our check just to hurry things along.

I think the waiter sensed that we were frustrated with the service so he came back and said “Sorry, if service is a little slow, we have a celebrity here!” sooo, obviously we asked who the celebrity was and he said it was Shaq. We didn’t even see him the entire time we were there. Apparently, he was behind closed doors in a private room with body guards.

Although that’s cool that Shaq was there, I really didn’t care! We were obviously spending a lot of money on dinner and I expected better service! And honestly, our food was just average.


Overall though, we had an AMAZING time in Oklahoma City. The breweries were the best part and then the memorial was really somber. I can’t wait to go back and see even more of Oklahoma. Definitely worth the quick drive!

Have you ever been to Oklahoma? What is your favorite place to go visit? I would love to know!


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