Makeup Revolution x Soph: Highlighter Palette Review!

Hi Friends!

I recently just did a haul post from Ulta and the Makeup Revolution x Soph Highlighter Palette was one of the items that I picked up! I was really interested in this item because I had heard so many good things about it on YouTube. I am not really familiar with the YouTube “Soph” who collaborated with Makeup Revolution for this item but it looked good nonetheless!

This highlighter palette retails for $12 and it comes with 8 LARGE highlighter pans. Just looking at the 8 shades, it does seem like they have a good range for different skin tones. It also has some fun highlighters that aren’t the everyday shades!


The packaging for this highlighter palette is pretty cute. It doesn’t feel overly cheap but it obviously isn’t high end either. I think its great packaging for the price point. The color of the palette is like a soft orange creamsicle and then the writing is a metallic rose gold color.

The highlighters don’t have names but I will try to describe each one anyway!

In the top row, you have:

1. The first highlighter is a WHITE WHITE highlighter. Its really pretty and I think it would look good on really fair skin tones. For me, I would use this type of shade for an inner corner highlight or a brow bone highlight.

2. This is one of my favorite highlighters in this palette. It is like light pink champagne shade. It just looks really natural on the cheek bones and a really good color for my skin tone.

3. This is a soft golden shade. This is also a really nice highlight. It is really smooth and consistent color.

4. This shade is VERY similar to the second highlight in this palette. The main difference is that this one is slightly more golden. And I know they look different in the pan but when you wear them or swatch them, they are VERY similar.


In the second row, you have:

5. This highlight is a beautiful icy pink! It is actually so beautiful. This is one of the shades that I was saying is really fun and different.

6. This is a icy lilac highlighter! This is another fun one – it reminds me of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora palette.

7. Next, there is a burnt orange highlighter. This is one that I think would work best on darker skin tones. It is really pretty and I will probably be using it as an eye shadow shade.

8. Lastly, there is a soft golden tan shade. It is not as golden as the third shade in this palette but they are pretty similar.


Overall, all of these highlighters are so BLINDING! If you are looking for a natural glow, I think you could make it work but you have to have a really light hand. It is very easy to build it up to be super glowy. I really like this palette – I think its really pretty and performs really well! Its definitely worth $12 so I highly recommend this palette.

Let me know down below what your favorite highlighter is! Have you tried this palette? I would LOVE to know!


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