Kat Von D: Metal Crush Highlighter Palette Review and Swatches!

Hi Friends!

I hauled the Kat Von D Metal Crush Highlighter Palette not too long ago and today I wanted to share my full thoughts! I did buy this palette, during the Memorial Day Sale that Sephora was having, for only $21.50 but it normally retails for $36.

The packaging for this palette is absolutely beautiful. I love the metallic, holographic glitter vibe. It just very cohesive, which I wouldn’t expect anything less from Kat Von D. It is actually hard to capture how beautiful this palette is in an image.  This palette does feel quite sturdy and I love the magnetic clasp. Magnetic clasps just make a palette feel so luxurious.

Kat Von D Metal Crush Review | Tayler's Edit

As for the highlighter shades, this palette does come with 3 highlighter shades that contain 2.5 grams each. As you can tell from the pictures, the pan sizes are huge. This is probably my initial complaint about these highlighters. I wish they were a little bit of smaller pans so the overall palette was less expensive. Never in my lifetime will I go through one of these highlighters, so $12 each pan is a little expensive.


According to Kat Von D these highlighters are “loaded with hyper-reflective micro-crystals that sparkle and shift with every movement.” So let’s jump into the shades!

Gammaray – This is a prismatic peach shade, with pink and gold crystals. When you shift a little, it almost comes across purple.

Helix – This is more of a bright yellow / opal chrome colored highlight with silver crystals. This one is definitely more geared towards lighter skin tones.

Roseshock – As the name would suggest, this highlighter is a pinky rose shade with lavender and pink crystals. This one is definitely more geared towards darker skin tones.


Kat Von D is using the term “crystals” for glitter, and all of these shades are EXTREMELY glittery. I will say that they are highly reflective as promised, but they are not highlights that you could wear everyday just because of the extreme glitter. The glitter does kind migrate around your face, getting everywhere which can be really pretty but also kind of annoying.

The formula is great, very soft and easy to apply and blend on your cheeks. They also make great eyeshadows and although I haven’t tried it yet, I think they would make great body shimmers as well.

I think if my description so far is what you are looking for then this palette is perfect for you. However, if you are looking for something to wear everyday or a natural highlight, this is not the palette for you. I am SO happy that I got these highlighters on sale because I probably will never get enough use out of them to justify $36.

Have you tried any of these highlighters? What are you thoughts? I would love to know!


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