Too Faced Just Peachy Palette Bingo!

Hi Friends!

Today I have another palette bingo for you! These are so much fun, I hope you are enjoying them as much as I am! For today’s challenge, I chose the Too Faced Just Peachy palette and I have to say that this one went much better than the Too Faced White Peach Palette Bingo. If you aren’t familiar with my palette bingos, I usually pick 4 shades randomly and create an eye look with them!


I used a random number generator and selected the following shades:

9 – Peaches and Cream

3 – Peach Cobbler

1 – Peach Meringue

11 – Peach Sangria


To start the look, I of course, took Peach Meringue and blended that all over my lid. It is hard to see in the picture because it blended into my skin tone. I have gotten pretty lucky with selecting the cream shades in my palette bingos. It makes it a lot easier to put together a look!


I then took Peaches and Cream and blended that into my crease as a transition shade. I took it a bit on my lid and above my crease just to make sure it was still peaking out from other shades that I was about to apply to my lid.


I then took Peach Sangria and patted that all over my lid. I also took this shade onto the outer part of my lower lash line just to add some consistency between my eyelid and lash line.


Finally, I took Peach Cobbler and brushed that along my lower lash line right into Peach Sangria.


And here is the final look!


Overall, I really like this look. It is not something so out there but it probably isn’t a look that I would have put together without this palette bingo. But I feel like each time I use this palette, I am doing something different and all of the shades go to well so beautifully.

What do you think of this look? Do you own this palette? Let me know what you would have done with these 4 shades, I would love to know!


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