Anastasia Beverly Hills: Ashton Liquid Lipstick Review!

Hi Friends!

I FINALLY own the Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick in Ashton! I feel like this lipstick was all the rage not too long ago on YouTube. Everyone that owned this lipstick, loved it. And everyone that didn’t own it, wanted it. So I actually bought this at TJ MAXX which is like my heaven. There have been so many Anastasia Beverly Hills lipsticks there lately. I was so excited when I finally came across Ashton and it was only $7.99. (They are normally $20).


I donโ€™t want to talk too much about the packaging because it is basically just like any other liquid lipstick. I mean, Anastasia Beverly Hills has nice packaging. I do like that the bottle is clear so you can see the color of the lipstick. But without diving too deep into that, I did want to talk about the doe foot applicator. I really like the way the doe foot applicator is flat on both sides and how much product it picks up. It just is really easy to apply!


Ashton is described as a mid-tone yellow brown shade. I don’t see too much yellow in it so to me it is a mid-tone brown shade. I really do understand why people love this color. I think it is a great shade for many different skin tones. And it is a great fall color! I can’t wait to wear this with a warm sweater!

As far as the formula, there are definitely pros and cons. It goes on really smooth – I definitely suggest a light layer. Partially because its very opaque, you don’t really need to cake it on but if you do, it really won’t wear well either. So definitely put on a light layer and then also let it dry!

Once the lipstick is all dry, it does sink into the lines on my lips a bit which is definitely not a cute look. From a distance, you can’t really tell but of course anyone within a few feet of you can definitely tell. I haven’t found a liquid lipstick that doesn’t sink into the lines on my lips though. I feel like a lot of YouTubers have lip fillers so this may not be as noticeable for them.

The best thing besides the color, is the wear time! This liquid lipstick will last you SO long. Obviously not all day because we are all human –ย  we eat and talk throughout the day so over time it will wear off but it still lasts an incredibly long time.


I would love to be that person that wears a beautiful opaque lipstick all the time but I’m not. I wear lip balm most of the time but sometimes its nice to spice it up. I am definitely so happy to have this in my collection!

Let me know down below what your favorite liquid lipstick is! Or what color you are most looking forward to in the fall! I would love to know!


4 thoughts on “Anastasia Beverly Hills: Ashton Liquid Lipstick Review!

  1. Great review! This color looks stunning on you. My favorite liquid lipstick is Stila because the formula is amazing! I also love the Maybelline lip ink! It’s great as well!

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