Milk Makeup: Kush Mascara Review!

Hi Friends!

So I got this deluxe sample of the Milk Makeup Kush Mascara and I tried it in one of my Sample Sunday posts and absolutely fell in love and felt like I needed to write a full review. Trying new mascaras is so fun! I rarely use fake eyelashes so I can be really picky about my mascara. I think I’ve said this in previous posts but mascara is my absolutely must-have makeup product. I don’t leave the house without mascara.

So with all the being said, I have already spoiled the review by telling you that I love this Kush one but let me tell you a little bit more about it!


Milk Makeup released this mascara earlier this year and at first I wasn’t that interested in it. I felt like Kushwas just kind of a word that they pushed out there to get as much attention as possible. There is also some weed related messaging in their marketing and on the packaing of this mascara. For example, “hiiigh volume, puff puff brush, and naturally lit.” I understand the cleverness and am totally not against weed and kush but I also don’t see the point to involve it with makeup.

But I am so glad I got this sample! Also on the packaging, Milk Makeup makes some claims about this mascara’s performance based on some case studies that I guess they did. They claim:

  • 95% saw high volume
  • 95% saw longer lashes
  • 90% saw thicker lashes
  • 90% saw lifter lashes

I personally don’t understand the difference between high volume and longer lashes.


What I love about this mascara is definitely the length! I don’t notice much width but definitely length. It gives you a wispy type of length and doesn’t clump your lashes together. It also definitely adds a lot of lift which is amazing! And it give the appearance that I have more lashes than I actually do!

I have definitely been using this mascara non-stop since I opened it and I highly recommend it to you! I will be buying the full size after I work through a couple of mascaras that I already own. The full size does retail for $24 which is pretty expensive but I can’t imagine not having this mascara in my life once my sample runs out.

Let me know down below what your favorite mascara is! As I mentioned, I love testing out new ones so I would really love to know!


9 thoughts on “Milk Makeup: Kush Mascara Review!

  1. I’ve heard great things about this mascara but I still find it strange that they’ve associated it with weed. It’s about to become legal here and I’m already dreading all the high drivers on the road…I don’t need that marketing in my makeup. I would probably try it if it wasn’t for that messaging!

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  2. I’ve also been loving this mascara! I don’t tend to purchase full size high end mascaras but this might be the first. They’ve associated it with weed and such cause it’s made with CBD oil which is supposed to be what conditions the lashes. I’m actually really glad that we’re seeing more ingredients with CBD oil because I use it for anxiety and it can be used for a lot of other things too.

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    • Yeah – I don’t tend to buy full size mascaras either, unless they come in sets or something. I think this one would be worth it though! That is great to know – thanks for sharing that information!!


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