3 looks 1 palette using the Juvia’s Place Afrique Palette!

Hi Friends!

Today I wanted to do a 3 looks 1 palette post with the new Juvia’s Place Afrique palette! I recently picked this palette up from Ulta Beauty and I just wrote a review of it so now it is time to share some looks that I put together.

This palette is obviously pretty unique. It isn’t an everyday palette for me which makes it kind of fun to create looks with!



This is a warm sunset look! I created a similar look with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette except with yellow. I have talked about this so many times but I’ve been obsessed with yellow eyeshadows lately so I had to use that one in at least one of these looks.



  1. Take Aya (the yellow shade) and blend that in an arch just above the crease. You can take it pretty high to make sure it is still visible.
  1. Take Dakar (the orange shade) and blend that into the crease. I did this a couple of different times, even after I placed the next shade (Bintou) on my eyelid. Since this is going in between a dark maroon shade and a bright yellow, its important that it was blended well.
  1. Next, take Bintou (dark maroon shade) and stamp that on your eyelid. Make sure that Dakar is still visible in the crease.
  1. Lastly, take Dakar again and brush that on the lower lash line.




This one is my least favorite look and probably just because I don’t like dark shades too much. But of course, I couldn’t stay away from the blue and green. They are pivotal in how unique this palette is.

The steps to recreate are basically the same as the look above just with different shades.


  1. Take Niger (the matte green shade) and blend that into an arch just above the crease. Remember to take it pretty high to make sure it is visible at the end.
  1. Take Cote d’Ivoire (the blue shade) and blend it into the crease. Just like Dakar in the first look, I did this a couple of times just to make sure it was completely blended.
  1. Next, I took Cotonou (shimmery purple) and stamped it all over my lid. I used my finger for most of this just because it seemed to lay down better than with a brush.
  1. Lastly, I took Cote d’Ivoire and brushed that on my lower lash line.




This is my favorite look and it is probably the most wearable for me! I actually wore this one to work instead of just on the weekend. I really liked the way the green and the brown blended together. I created a similar look with the Lorac Pirates of the Caribbean palette which I also loved!


  1. First, take Kisi (matte light brown) and blend into the crease and a little bit above. I kind of blended this take all over because I knew I would cover it up in some places so the blended doesn’t have to be perfect.
  1. I then took a mix of Cameroon (warm matte medium toned brown) and Bintou (the dark maroon shade) and blended that on my outer V. It was mostly Cameroon and just a tiny bit of Bintou to darken it up a bit.
  1. I then took Togo (the shimmery green) and blended that on the inner half of my eyelid. (I love this shade!)
  1. Lastly, I took Kisi again and brushed that across my lower lash line.


Well those are my 3 looks! I would you enjoyed at least one of them! If you haven’t checked out my review of this palette then please do!

Let me know down below what you think of these looks! I would love to know your feedback!


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