Pan that Palette: Modern Renaissance Update #5 | Finale

Hi Friends!

Wow – I can’t believe we have come to the FINALE of my 2018 Pan that Palette. At the beginning of the year, I wanted to start a pan that palette and chose the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette because it was one of my favorite palettes! I have definitely had my ups and downs with this palette so I am really happy that I have finally hit my goal!!

If you don’t remember, my goal was to hit pan on EVERY SINGLE SHADE in this palette! Sorry, that I have already spoiled it for you! I am so happy to say that I have reached my goal though.

Last update, I had pan in 11 pans so since then I have hit pan on the remaining 3 pans in the palette! And those shades are Red Ochre, Antique Bronze, and Warm Taupe.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Pan that Palette Finale | Tayler's Edit

Modern Renaissance – Update #5

I hit pan on Antique Bronze by sweeping it on my lower lashline everyday! I used Red Ochre in my crease a lot or even in the outer v under a dark brown which I really liked. And Warm Taupe is great as an all over the lid shade.

I know most of these pans are just baby pans and I just want to say, that I am not done with this palette by any means. I have actually even reached for it since I have reached all my goals and before writing this post. I am definitely connected with this palette – it is my most used palette! I do still really like Modern Renaissance and am really glad I chose to use it this year!


I am planning to do a post talking about my full experience and all my progress photos so look forward to that! As for next year, I am not sure if I am going to do a pan that palette yet. I really want to enjoy some of the other palettes in my collection but I have also loved getting so much use out of a single palette this yet.

Do you think I should do a Pan That Palette next year? I would really love to know all of your thoughts!  Also let me know if you are doing a challenge like this, I would love to follow along!


5 thoughts on “Pan that Palette: Modern Renaissance Update #5 | Finale

    • The best tip that I got was to layer! I would sometimes wear 5-7 eyeshadows every day just because I would keep layering and building up the color.

      I also tried to use whatever color I was working on in my outer corner and my lower lash line so that I would get the most use out of it each day.

      And most importantly, stay consistent! Like you have to keep at it or you really won’t see any progress!

      Good luck girl!

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