Juvia’s Place: Serafina Blush Review!

Hi Friends!

I hope you are having a great day! Today, I wanted to talk about a new blush from Juvia’s Place called Serafina! This blush was released as part of the Afrique collection that was recently released. There were two blushes a part of the collection but Serafina looked like more my color!

This blush retails for only $8 on Juvia’s Place and Ulta Beauty. I feel like this blush is really affordable. It comes with 10 grams of product which will literally last forever. That is a LOT of blush!   The packaging is definitely unique. It is very colorful and has an interesting design on the front. It isn’t my favorite design but it is still beautiful and fun to look at. It also comes with a mirror which is impressive for how inexpensive it is.


I was a little nervous at first because Juvia’s Place‘s products are always super pigmented and generally a heavy blush is not always the best look but I was pleasantly surprised! Don’t get me wrong – Serafina is very pigmented. You really barely need any on your brush and if you are too heavy handed then it definitely could turn into clown makeup right away.

I was very pleasantly surprised though with how it blended out! I picked up a bit on my brush and it was enough to cover my entire cheek and it looks beautiful!


Serafina is described as a “beautiful flush of peach toned blush with a. mild touch of sheen. Soft and Sophisticated on the skin. Buildable and easy to blend.” Which I definitely agree with all of that. I really enjoy the color. I do think it is more of a spring / summer color so I am going to put it away for a little bit but I really do like the color and the slight sheen.


Overall, I would definitely recommend this blush! If you like the way blush looks and if you can apply it with a light hand then I think it would be great for a lot of people. I know some people don’t want such a bright blush but I definitely see myself getting a lot of use out of this blush in the future.

Let me know down below what your favorite blush is! It doesn’t matter if its drugstore or high end, I just want to know what your favorite is! Also, if you have tried Serafina, I would love to know your thoughts!


5 thoughts on “Juvia’s Place: Serafina Blush Review!

  1. That looks so pretty! I haven’t tried Juvia’s blushes yet. My favorite currently is Note Cosmetics…I think the shade is something like Desert Rose (it came in a BoxyCharm a few months back). It’s a nice brown-pink 🙂

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