BH Cosmetics: Signature Rose Gold Brush Set Review!

Hi Friends!

Something that I haven’t reviewed much on my blog is makeup brushes! I have reviewed the SOHO Naturals Retractable Kabuki Brush a while ago and then also featured a BH Cosmetics foundation brush in one of my favorites post but I haven’t mentioned must else about my brushes. Obviously, makeup brushes are a HUGE part of my routine, I usually use 7-10 brushes every time I do my makeup!


Some of my favorite brushes are from BH Cosmetics, for numerous reasons! They are really quality brushes for a really low price. Of course, the low price is amazing but it wouldn’t mean anything if the brushes weren’t very good. But these ones really compete with all the other brushes that I have in my collection, including Sephora.

This set retails for $24 and comes with 13 synthetic brushes for your eyes and face. This set will literally cover all of needs. They work with liquids, creams, and powders. It even comes with a little black brush holder.


I love the “packaging” for all of these brushes! They all have a good weight to them which makes them feel really luxurious and also easy to use. Also the black and rose gold looks really nice together.

Let’s walk through each brush!


Pointed Powder Brush (1)

This is my new favorite powder brush. It is extremely soft and large so it doesn’t take long to cover the entire face with powder. I love that it is tapered because I feel like it spreads setting powder more evenly then other brushes. I also like using it for very light blush days. It is a little large to spread bronzer or blush but some light makeup days, it works perfectly!

Powder Brush (2)

This is a really interesting powder brush, it is unlike anything in my collection. It has a flat top with long bristle hairs. For me, this one is a little too flexible for my powder products that I like to put on my face. It doesn’t pick up a lot of bronzer or blush and is a little too large for both of those powders. It does work pretty well for dabbing extra setting powder but it is not a brush that I get a lot of use out of.

Flat Top Brush (3)

The Flat Top brush is a great foundation brush! I have used it several times to apply powder foundation. Sometimes I need a little extra coverage so I add powder foundation on top of my liquid foundation and this is a great brush for that. I haven’t used it with any liquid foundation yet!


Small Contour Brush (4)

I am OBSESSED with this contour brush. I didn’t know I needed this brush in my life until I bought this set. Contour can be a hard product to apply because of how pigmented it is so having a smaller brush is so helpful! I mainly use this around my forehead and then to start the contour line on my cheeks because I use a larger blending brush to blend it out.

Fluffy Blending Brush (5)

Now we are getting into the eye brushes. This is one of my favorite types of brushes, which is a fluffy blending brush. My favorite one is from Sonia Kashuk which is a little shorter than this one from BH Cosmetics. I also really like this one though too. I use this type of brush everyday to initially lay down a transition color in my crease. It’s definitely a must have eyeshadow brush!

Tapered Blending Brush (6)

This is a slightly smaller blending brush then the fluffy one above. I really like this one to build up colors in the crease or in the outer corner. It is really soft and still has long bristles so it helps build up color but in a delicate and precise way.


Flat Shader Brush (7)

A flat shader brush is perfect to lay down metallic or shimmer shades. I love how it is shaped on the top to easily fit in the crease. It is still really soft so it picks up a lot of product. I think this particular brush works really well with metallic shades that should be used wet. I think it a great brush to be included in this set.

Dense Shader Brush (8)

Another great brush is this dense shader brush. It is great to blend shadow all over the lid, especially matte shades. I also like using it in the crease to blend shadows together. I really like the length of the bristles and how dense they are.

Angled Shader Brush (9)

Again, an angled shader brush is a brush that I use nearly everyday. I use this type of brush to blend any metallic or shimmer shadow on the inner half of my eyelid. As I mentioned above, you can also use the flat shader brush to lay down shimmery shades but on a day to day basis I prefer an angled shader brush.

Detailing Pencil Brush (10)

Just as the name suggests, this is a great detailing brush! I use this brush to deepen up my outer v. It helps add a darker color but not cover up your crease shadows. This is also a great brush for the lower lash line because of how small it is and how dense.


Angled Brow Brush (11)

I don’t use small angled brushes like this one too often because I use a brow pencil vs. a brow pomade but it seems like a great brow pencil. I use this type of brush to lay down gel eyeliner or to add a bit of concealer just under the brow arch. This one is my favorite one in my collection because of how soft it is!

Bent Fine Liner Brush (12)

I have never used a brush like this and I admit that I haven’t tried this one yet. I guess it is for gel eyeliner. It seems like it would be a great liner brush because of the angle. I will say that it seems easy to handle so if this is a type of brush that you would use, then I bet this one will work well!

Brow & Lash Brush (13)

And lastly, this set also includes a brow / lash brush! I usually use the brow brush on the back of my brown pencil but I think this one is nice just incase you are using a brow pomade or something else that doesn’t already have a brow brush like this. I really like that it is its own brush and not dual ended. I hate when they have two sides! I wouldn’t use this for my eyelashes really.

Overall, I REALLY LOVE this brush set. I have been using BH Cosmetics brushes for a while and they have never let me down. I 100% recommend this set. I know $24 can seem like a lot for brushes especially when you can pick up just a few for $3-6 for each. But this set will really give you everything you need and if you break it down, each of these brushes are less than $2 in the set.

I definitely think it is worth it if you are looking to buy a few different brushes or are looking for a brush set in general!

Let me know what your favorite brushes are! I would love to know – I honestly love having a lot of options!


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