The 4 Easiest and 4 Hardest Shades to Hit Pan on in the Modern Renaissance Palette!

Hi Friends!

Now that I have officially ended my Pan that Palette challenge with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette, I thought I would talk about the 5 easiest and the 5 hardest shades to hit pan on. This is just based on my experience so it may be different for each person but I definitely thought some shades were harder than others.

Of course, the Modern Renaissance palette is extremely pigmented so hitting pan too a lot of uses regardless. I definitely had some ups and downs with this palette through out the year. I am glad there were some easy shades to hit pan on to keep up my motivation. Before starting this project, I heard that Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow palette were so easy to hit pan on. But NO! It still takes a lot of time and dedication to pan an ABH eyeshadow palette.

Anastasia Beverly Hills - Modern Renaissance

My starting off point on the Anastasia Beverly Hills – Modern Renaissance!

Here are the HARDEST shades!

  1. Venetian Red

WOW – this color is so pigmented. You barely need any shadow to add to your eye look. I was mainly wearing this palette during the week so I couldn’t have bright pink all over. I did manage to blend it in the crease just to add a hint of pink but it took so long to finally hit pan.

There is also something slightly different with the formula of this shade. It is somewhat chunky so when you touch it with a brush.

  1. Realgar

This is one of the pans that took me the longest to hit! I literally kept going in on it and literally couldn’t hit pan for the longest time! This was one of the more useable shades on an everyday basis but I was definitely ready to move on. This is one of the most unique shades of the palette so I liked using it, I definitely got a lot of use out of it!

  1. Red Ochre

Red Ochre is another very pigmented shade. This one was a hard one to use because sometimes red / pink shades can make you look sickly. I usually layered this in the outer corner over a couple other transition shades. It looks really nice in a couple of sunset looks too.

  1. Antique Bronze

Antique Bronze is just a hard shade to incorporate! It is a shimmer shade but it isn’t really reflective or bright so its not one that I would usually put all over the lid. I usually used this on my lower lash line because it was the easiest place to incorporate it!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Pan that Palette Finale | Tayler's Edit

Modern Renaissance – Update #5 / Finale

Here are the EASIEST shades!

  1. Tempera

Probably the easiest shade was Tempera! I have used this shadow everyday to set my eyelid (whether I was wearing an eyeshadow primer or not). I applied it all the way from my lash line to my brow bone. It was the only shadow that I really had a dip in before I started this project. I almost used it all the way up until it was getting a little harder to put my brush in.

  1. Golden Ochre

Another shadow that was so easy to use everyday was Golden Ochre! This is such a light tan yellow color so it is so easy to blend all over as a transition shade. It really went with any look that I was going for so even after I hit pan, I was still using it!

  1. Vermeer

Vermeer is one of the few shimmery shades in the palette so when I wanted something shiny, it was easy to reach for this one over and over again. It also is the most VERSATILE shade ever! I used this all over the lid, as an inner corner highlight, a brow bone highlight, and a face highlight! And it’s the most beautiful shade so I really enjoyed using it all over.

  1. Raw Sienna

And finally, Raw Sienna was also one of the easiest shades to hit pan on. This shadow is such an easy go to shade. It really can be an everyday shade for all over the lid or even as a transition shade.

Well, that is it for me today! If you are thinking about panning the Modern Renaissance, definitely start with the hardest shades first. Since those are the ones that will take you the longest. I definitely thought this project was interesting but it was a lot of work!

Let me know what the easiest and hardest pan was for you to hit! Also if you are doing a Pan that Palette project this year, I would love to check it out!


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