Huda Beauty: The New Nude Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches!

Hi Friends!

I couldn’t resist this palette during the Sephora VIB Bonus sale! Today we are talking about the New Nude eyeshadow palette! I went back and forth on if I was going to buy this eyeshadow palette initially because it is a relatively nude palette which I already have plenty of in my collection but after looking at this palette, I really couldn’t resist. But we will get into all of that later!

This palette is really expensive… it retails for $65 which makes it one of the most expensive eyeshadow palettes in my collection. It does come with 18 pans which is more than the usual eyeshadow palette. Out of the 18 shades, 10 are “buttery mattes, 4 multi-reflective shadows, 2 pressed glitters, 1 pressed pearl, and 1 concealer base.”


The Packaging

The packaging for this palette is out of this world! It is partially what compelled me to buy this palette. I know the packaging for a product isn’t the most important thing, but it is important to me. Especially when you spend $65 on a single item.

So anyway, the other packaging is just a white uni-carton with the name of the palette and the brand name on the front. But once you take the palette out of the uni-carton, it is magic! Of course, Huda has her eyes on the front of the palette. That seems the be the theme of her larger palettes.

But what isn’t noticeable in the pictures online, is that Huda’s eyes and the large “NUDE” type face on the front of the palette is holographic! It is very subtle because in certain lights it just looks like a pinky nude color but when it catches your eye – WOW!

I do love the size of this palette. It is nice and slim so easy to store. And it has a very large mirror on the inside which is wonderful!


First Impression

Just looking at this palette, it does redefine nude shades! I think when we initially think of nude shades, we think of browns / tans and shades that are synonymous with skin tones. However, pinks and purples have become more natural shades when we are going for natural looks. I think the shade selection is AMAZING!

I also noticed that all of the shade names are kind of sexualized. It is kind of like the Kat Von D Fetish palette but more subtle.


The Shades & Swatches

In the first row, you have:

Bare – This is the normal matte white / cream shade. I use this type of shade everyday to set my eyelid primer so I am always happy to see it included in larger palettes like this.

Crave – This is a golden, yellow shimmer shade with a bit of a green shift. This has been my go to shade in the palette for an all over the lid shade.

Play – This is a soft peachy shade. It is very light so its not really noticeable on my skin but I have been using it as a transition shade. It also works well to soften up any harsh lines.

Fantasy – This is a pink shimmer / glitter shade. It is one of the lighter pinks in the palette so it’s easy to wear on an everyday basis.

Love Bite – This is actually the darkest shade in the palette. It is a plummy matte purple. I have been really into purples lately and this one looks really nice in the outer corner.

Spanked – This is a matte mauve-y pink. It is one of the darker pinks in the palette so it also looks good in the outer corner.


In the second row, you have:

Lace – This is one of the best shades of the palette. Lace is a soft lilac matte shade. I think it is just a really pretty shade.

Daydream – This is a soft baby pink shimmer shade. This is the lightest pink shimmer in the palette so it is also an easy go to everyday shade.

Tickle – This is also a mauve-y pink matte shade. It is slightly lighter than Spanked so it is a good transition shade.

Excite – And finally, this is one of the pressed glitter shades in the palette. It is a dark pink glitter. I am not one to wear glitter everyday but this shade is BEAUTIFUL!

Infatuated – This is the other pressed glitter shade. It is a metallic pink glitter shade. This is also a really beautiful shade. I really like wearing this one on the inner half of my eyelid and then stamping Excite on the center so it bleeds into the outer v of my eye. Its really pretty!

Kinky – This is a orange / brown shimmer shade. I have to admit, this is probably my least favorite shade in the palette. It is beautiful but just not my type of shade. Its not a color that I would wear all over the lid.


In the third row, you have:

Concealed – I actually did not realize this was a concealer when I initially bought the palette. I thought it was just a yellow matte shade. I think this is actually a pretty unique to include this in a palette. They advise to use this as a base or eyelid primer for the shades. Which I have done and it works pretty well!

Secret – This is a soft mauve matte shade. This also makes a really pretty transition shade or an all over the lid shade.

Tease – This is middle tone purple shade. It looks almost brown / grey undert oned in the pan but it is more purple in my opinion. Again, another beautiful, romantic transition shade. You can also use this in the outer corner but I think it is better to deepen it up a little bit more.

Raw – This is a dark pink matte shade. Raw is also one of the darker shades in the palette behind Love Bite. I like using it in the outer corner because it is a little bit easier to use and wearable than Love Bite.

Charmed – I was SO attracted to this shade when I first saw this palette. It is so unique and beautiful! I thought it was going to be a light golden taupe shimmer but it actually comes across quite dark. It does still have a golden hue to it but it is more of a shimmery brown color. Its REALLY pretty!!

Teddy – This is a matte tan shade. Teddy is another beautiful transition shade. It is an easy go to shade if you don’t want your look to be too pink.


My Final Thoughts

Overall, I really do LOVE this palette! I definitely see myself getting a lot of use our of this palette. It is extremely easy to use, great for a sultry date night look or an easy go to office look.  I really like that all the shades go hand in hand with each other.

With all of that being said,  I do think there are a couple of cons as well. The shimmer shades are kind of difficult to pick up on a brush. I pretty much have to use my finger to build them up to any intensity. But Huda Beauty does warn you about this on the back of the palette. It says “Blend the multi-reflective shadows into your mattes for a diffused light; apply over base or bare lids for a subtle pealescent glow; use your fingers, a sponge brush, or setting spray for maximum iridescent shine. Add the glitters with a firm dense brush for an extra pop.”

I am also not sure how I feel about the concealer being included in this palette. I definitely think it a unique thing to include in an eyeshadow palette. I do think it is a good base just like a normal concealer. I did try it for a cut crease and it wasn’t opaque enough to really cover the shadow underneath. The reason I am uncertain about it though is because cream products expire a lot sooner than powder products. I kind of worry about this going bad in the palette.


Although I love all the shades in this palette, there are some redundancies. I know they all look different in the pan but on the eye, the pink mauve shades are quite similar. I would have liked a few more browns and a darker brown to deepen up the crease even more than Tease, Raw, or Love Bite.

The glitter shades are really fun to me! I didn’t know how easy they would be to use or if they needed a glitter glue but they actually are fairly easy to use. They stamped on my eyelids just like the other shimmery shades on the palette. But there is a bit of fallout with the glitter and shimmer shades. Nothing too bad though.

So to wrap this all up, I REALLY do like this palette. The shades are BEAUTIFUL and ROMANTIC. I definitely see myself getting a lot of use out of this palette. It’s a really gorgeous palette and I am happy to have it in my collection.

Let me know down below what your thoughts are of this palette! Do you plan to pick it up or are you going to pass? I would LOVE to know!


8 thoughts on “Huda Beauty: The New Nude Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches!

  1. This palette is really pretty but I can see how the glitters might be hard to work with. I really hate using my fingers to apply eyeshadow so that would annoy me. It’s also strange to me that there’s a concealer in the palette. I think most people already have a concealer that they like to use, so while it’s a thoughtful addition I don’t think that I would use it. Plus I think it might get dirty quick :S

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