Dominique Cosmetics: Berries & Cream Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches!

Hi Friends!

Today we are talking about the Dominique Cosmetics Berries & Cream eyeshadow palette! This palette released not too long ago and of course, I bought it right away! I have been so into purples so this is perfect timing for a palette like this. I also bought the Dominique Cosmetics Lemonade palette back in June and fell in LOVE with it. I was one of the first ones to buy the Lemonade palette so I did receive a “recalled” one and a new “re-pressed” one. I really liked the way the brand handled the situation and I also really liked the palette so I was happy to buy from them again.


If you didn’t know, Dominique Cosmetics is founded by Christen Dominique who is a very popular beauty YouTuber. I didn’t really follow her before the Lemonade palette released. I definitely did not buy this palette just because of Christen Dominique. DON’T get me wrong. She is a very talented and beautiful woman. I just was genuinely excited for this palette!

The Palette Details


This palette does retail for $44 which is a little bit more than Dominique Cosmetic’s other palettes however it does come with 12 shades. There are 8 matte shades, 3 shimmery shades, and 1 matte shade that has gold glitter in it. This palette also comes with a large mirror.

I bought this palette from Dominique Cosmetic’s website but this palette is coming to Sephora on December 4th!

The Packaging


I MEAN….. Of course, we have to talk about the packaging! The palette comes with an outer sleeve that is a shiny pink champagne color. It’s a really pretty sleeve, it has the Dominique Cosmetics logo on the front and then the palette information on the back. I am totally the type of person to keep the sleeve. I know some people throw them away but I really enjoy packaging.

For the palette itself, it has an ombre crushed velvet look. It is supposed to be a berry color ombred into a cream shade. And then the name of the palette, Berries & Cream, is stamped across the front of the palette in the same color as the outer sleeve. The pan shade is also kind of an octagon shape which is different than her other palettes.  It’s a REALLY pretty palette. I think it is definitely unique and totally fits the theme of the palette. Dominque Cosmetics knows how to create beautiful packaging.

The Shades & Swatches


In the first row, you have:

Warm Pie – This is a warm “matte” red brown shade with gold glitter flakes. You don’t really see the gold glitter once the shadow is applied to your eyes. I think this shade is really pretty, it does remind me of Apple Pie for some reason.

Chocolate Mousse – This is a rich chocolate brown matte shade. This is a great shade for deepening up the outer corner. I personally would reach for a dark brown than a black shade so I am glad this is included even though these is also a black.

Sweet Cream – This is a light pale lilac pink matte shade. I like that this shade has a slight purple tint because it goes with the palette better than just a normal matte cream shade. You can still use this shade to set your eyelid primer or as an inner corner / brow highlight.

Toasted – This is a COOL TONED matte grey shade. This is a really interesting shade, it reminds me of Slate from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Sultry palette. It’s a really pretty shade. I also think it is interesting that they called it Toasted even though it is a cool tone shade.

Bittersweet – This is a matte fuchsia shade. It looks really bright but it actually can be blended to be fairly light. This is a pretty shade but I don’t really see a place for it in this palette. I find it difficult to add to a look with the other shades in this palette. I need to keep playing with this one.

Soft n’ Sweet – This is a matte taupe shade. This is really the only transition shade in the palette but its all I have really needed! It is the perfect shade to set up the other colors in the palette. And it BLENDS beautifully! It honestly one of the easiest shades to work with ever.


In the second row, you have:

Honey Dipped – This shade is AMAZING! I know it looks like a basic gold metallic shade but I have used it with so many other shadows and it ALWAYS looks beautiful. It isn’t too gold where it isn’t wearable – it kind of has this antique gold foil color. This is my FAVORITE shade in the palette.

Sugar Cookie – This is a bright pale pink shimmer shadow. This is a great shade to lighten up some of the darker colors in this palette. It also can be added as an inner corner / brow highlight.

Cranberry – You guessed it, this is a cranberry maroon shimmer shade. This is also a REALLY pretty shade. It isn’t the type of shade that I would use to cover my whole eyelid but I do still think it is pretty as an accent shade.

Blueberry Muffin – I have to admit, I really didn’t understand why there was a cobalt blue matte shade in this palette when I first looked at it. This isn’t a shade that I reach for all the time but I did cerate a couple of really pretty looks with this shade. It looks really pretty on the lower lash line and blended into Cherry Juice. I don’t see myself getting a lot of use out of it though.

Cherry Juice – This is a rich plummy matte shade. This shade is SO PIGMENTED, I was blown away when I first used it. It looks so pretty blended into Soft n’ Sweet and then like I mentioned above, it looks really pretty with Blueberry Muffin too. I really like this shade!

Blackberry – And finally, Blackberry is a matte black shade. I don’t use black eyeshadow like ever, but this still seems like a really nice shade. I did use it to deepen up the crease one day and performed well and blended out really easily. But again, not really my type of shade. This is one of the only matte black shades that I have seen recently that doesn’t have glitter in it so I am pretty impressed with that.


My Review

I have a LOT of thoughts about this palette. Overall, I REALLY do like it – I am so happy that it is in my collection. I think that the quality is actually better than the Lemonade palette and you all know how much I LOVE the Lemonade palette. All of the shades felt like literally butter when I swatched them. There were a couple that seemed patch in the swatch but I haven’t had any issues on my actual eye.

There are several BEAUTIFUL shades that I have already fallen in love with. Like Honey Dipped, that shade is just WOW. I also really like Cherry Juice, Chocolate Mousse, Soft n’ Sweet.. And more. But there are a couple of shades that I never see myself using. Particularly Blueberry Muffin, Bittersweet, and Blackberry. I wish those shades were swapped out for lighter metallic shimmer shades like Honey Dipped.


The other thing that I so appreciate about this palette is that all of the shimmer shades are so easy to pick up with a brush. Lately, I feel like I have had to use my finger with stamp on shimmers lately and that is the only way to build them up but not with the Berries and Cream palette.

All of the shadows performed really well so overall, I do really recommend this palette! If you think you will get enough use out of the shades in this palette, then definitely don’t hesitate! It’s a great palette!

Are you planning on picking up this palette? Or do you have anything else from Dominque Cosmetics? I would love to know!


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