9 Beauty Brands I Want to Try in 2019!

Hi Friends!

2019 is quickly approaching and although I have tried so many brands this year, there are so many more that I am interested in trying out! I have seen a few YouTubers create videos of brands that they want to try in the upcoming year and I thought I would do the same!

I have been interested in a few of these brands for awhile but haven’t actually taken the plunge for some reason or another. But I think 2019 is the year to try them out!



PC: Glossier

Glossier has been on my wish list for quite some time now! I have seen their items all over the place in the past year which has really sparked my interest. Glossier is all about natural beauty and they have a range of skincare and makeup items. All of their models look to have perfect skin which is what I am striving for!

I am really interested in trying their milky jelly cleanser even though I already have a million cleansers that I need to work through. I also am curious about their foundation because I am obsessed with foundation. Out of all the brands on this list, I think I am most excited about Glossier. I think I haven’t bought from them because they aren’t in a retailer like Sephora or Ulta but I hope they will be one day, especially if I end up liking their items.

IT Cosmetics


PC: IT Cosmetics

It Cosmetics is one of those brands that I have heard a lot about and there seems to be so many staple items in their collection. I really want to try their cc cream which seems to be a miracle foundation for some people. Their powders also look really nice. Overall, their products seem like they will make up skin look really natural and radiant. I just feel like I have heard so much about It Cosmetics and I am really curious to see if I will like their products!

Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics | Tayler's Edit

PC: Bustle.com

The next brand that I am really curious about is Kylie Cosmetics! I feel like this is a very hyped brand but I have heard mix reviews. Some people love everything that Kylie Cosmetics put out and some people hate everything. My best friend loves their liquid lips and I trust her opinion more than anything so I figure it is time to try them for myself! I think some of her collections look really interesting but I also think her products are too expensive. I am excited that Kylie Cosmetics is finally in Ulta so I feel more comfortable trying new things out or going in the store and swatching / testing items before I buy them.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Jeffree Star Cosmetics | Tayler's Edit

PC: Daily Vanity

I know this may be a controversial brand to select but I have been really interested in trying Jeffree Star Cosmetics! I feel like this brand has really grown over the past year and I keep hearing more and more about Jeffree Star’s products. I LOVED the Thirsty palette that was part of the summer collection and I almost bought it 100 times but I just didn’t do it. Jeffree Star Cosmetics is also a really expensive brand so I have been kind of hesitant. I am really interested in the liquid lips and the eyeshadow palettes though! The Alien palette is the newest palette which is also really interesting to me but I don’t think I will get enough use out of it to justify it.

Zoeva Cosmetics

Zoeva Cosmetics | Tayler's Edit

PC: Zoeva Cosmetics

Zoeva Cosmetics is such a breautiful brand! They are an international brand so it is not as accessible as I would like. However I am SO interested in trying Zoeva’s eyeshadow palettes. I think the packaging and color stories that they put together is BEAUTIFUL! I have so many eyeshadow palettes but so many of their palettes are so intriguing to me. I have heard a little bit about Zoeva on YouTube but not as much as I would like. It seems as though people have really good things to say about Zoeva makeup brushes and eyeshadow palettes so I think that is really promising.

The eyeshadow palettes are relatively affordable but you do have to spend a decent amount to get free shipping. I do really want to try this brand so I think I will pay for shipping or go ahead and commit to spending enough to get free shipping!

The Balm Cosmetics

The Balm Cosmetics | Tayler's Edit

PC: Hello Darlin’ Hair Studio and Spa

I am kind of cheating with this one because I actually already have one of the Balm’s palettes. It is the In the Balm of your hand which has a few eyeshadows and a few cheek products. However, I think I have only used it once. I found it on sale at Burlington Coat Factory but haven’t really tried it as much as I would like!

I am really interested in the Even Steven’s foundation and of course the Mary-Louminizer since that is one of The Balm’s most popular products. I think their packaging is so FREAKING CUTE! So I definitely am going to pull that palette out during 2019 and hopefully try a couple of other things as well.

Fenty Beauty

Fenty Beauty | Tayler's Edit

PC: Allure

Fenty Beauty has sky rocketed in the past year and a half! They literally broke barriers when they launched with 40 shades of foundations. Every since they have launched several lipsticks, highlighters, a few eyeshadow palettes, primer, etc. I have tried a sample of Fenty’s foundation and primer and I really did like it but I don’t feel like I really have tried the brand. It seems like everyone loves her items though! Plus Rihanna has been doing some makeup videos and she always looks so beautiful!! I am really curious to try a few items from Fenty Beauty next year!

Beauty Bakerie

Beauty Bakerie | Tayler's Edit

PC: Beauty Bakerie

This is another ADORABLE brand. All of the items are all “bakery” related since the brand is called Beauty Bakerie. I initially heard of this brand because of the Huda Beauty Easy Bake powder scandal from earlier this year. But since then Ulta Beauty picked up this brand so I have seen more of them. Their products look SO CUTE! They are a little expensive (some where in between drugstore and high end). I am particularly interested in their baking powder since I have already tried the Huda Beauty one. But I am also curious about their foundation and lip scrubs.

Joah Beauty

Joah Beauty | Tayler's Edit

PC: Joah Beauty

I actually randomly came across Joah Beauty on the Influenster app. I saw someone write a review of their foundation and I was instantly interested. I was really drawn to the packaging – it looked so high end and pretty. And then I looked up this brand and found out they are actually REALLY affordable! I am kind of cheating with this brand too because I did just buy a couple of products off of their site because they were having a 20% off site wide offer and free shipping on all orders so I figured this was the time to buy!

Joah Beauty is a K-Beauty inspired brand which is really interesting to me. I have tried K-Beauty skincare but I don’t think I have tried any color cosmetics before. I am really excited to get my items! I am counting this towards my 9 in 2019 since I haven’t received them yet and I most likely won’t have a chance to use them until next year!

Well, that is it for me today! I am looking forward to trying all of these brands in 2019! It is always fun to try new things and all of these brands have caught my eye!

Let me know down below what brands you are looking forward to trying in 2019! Also let me know what you think of the brands that I chose! I would LOVE to know!! (Especially if you have suggestions on what I should pick up!)


9 thoughts on “9 Beauty Brands I Want to Try in 2019!

  1. Such great brand suggestions! I wanted to try Zoeva this year but I never got around to it. And I’m seeing Joah beauty everywhere now! They must be pretty new, I only started hearing about them this month. I hope you’re able to try some of these brands next year!

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