Too Faced: La Crème Mystical Effects Lipsticks Review!

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Today, we are talking about the Too Faced La Crème Mystical Effects Lipsticks! These lipsticks were released along with the Life’s a Festival palette which we talked about while ago – so these are kind of old but still available. I actually found these at TJ MAXX so I wanted to get my review up sooner rather than later.

There were four lipsticks included in this collection but I have three: Fairy Tears, Mermaid Tears, and Angel Tears! The each initially retailed for $22 and are currently on sale at Too Faced’s website for $19.80!

Too Faced: La Crème Mystical Effects Lipsticks Review | Tayler's Edit

What makes these lipsticks so unique is that they change colors based on your own unique body chemistry! I don’t think the color difference is drastic but I still think this is cool.

The Packaging

Too Faced: Angel Tears La Creme Lipstick Review | Tayler's EditToo Faced: Fairy Tears La Creme Lipstick Review | Tayler's EditToo Faced: Mermaid Tears La Creme Lipstick Review | Tayler's Edit

The outer packaging of these lipsticks is BEAUTIFUL! Each box is unique to its own lipstick. The Angel Tears lipstick has little white clouds and silver halos all over it. The main box is white so the clouds are very subtle but I love how detailed it is!

The Fairy Tears lipstick of course as little fairies all over it. And then there are a couple of butterflies as well. The main box is a holographic pinky / peach shade which is really pretty.

And lastly, the mermaid tears has little mermaid scales which is PERFECT! The box is a emerald green and between the scales is holographic lining. This is my favorite outer packaging of the three! Its so unique and pretty!

For the lipsticks themselves, they are all in a skinny gold lipstick tube. It is a weighted tube so it feels pretty high end. Too Faced has many other crème lipsticks in this same packaging. It is really classic and pretty. I wish the tubes reflected the lipsticks more though but I don’t really have any complaints!

Too Faced: La Crème Mystical Effects Lipsticks Review | Tayler's Edit

The Shades and Swatches

Angel Tears – This is a creamy white with a soft pinky / peach undertone shade. It is a really pretty color on the lips because it just adds an interesting wash of shimmer.

Fairy Tears – This is a shimmery pink shade. I think this is my favorite lipstick out of the three. It’s a really interesting pink when you want to spice up a look!

Mermaid Tears – This is a really unique lipstick. It is a green shade with purple and silver reflect. This is the most glittery one out of the three. I wish it was more wearable but I do still think its an interesting shade.

Too Faced: La Crème Mystical Effects Lipsticks Swatches | Tayler's Edit

My Review

These lipsticks are definitely a lot of fun! The formula of all of them is really nice. They are all really creamy and stay on the lips nice. I like that they aren’t drying and they don’t emphasize any lines in my lips.

They are all very shimmery and reflect light in a really beautiful way! When I swatched them on my arm, I could stop looking at them in the light, they are just so interesting. I definitely like Fairy and Angel Tears the best because they are the most wearable. Although, I don’t wear them a lot, Mermaid Tears really isn’t wearable at all. It comes across really dark on my lips and is quite glittery.

Too Faced: La Crème Mystical Effects Lipsticks Review | Tayler's Edit

I don’t really think these are worth $22 but if you find them at TJ MAXX for a good price, then they are fun to play with! I do think they look beautiful on the lips but they are a little much on an everyday basis. I hope that makes sense!

Do you have any of these lipsticks?! What are your thoughts? I would love to know!


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