2019 Project Pan Introduction | #TEAMPROJECTPAN

Hi Friends!!

I have been debating what I should do for my 2019 project pan for so long! Like even before this year started. I didn’t want to do a 19 in 2019 project because I did the 18 in 2018 last year and it was just WAY too much. Not like too many products to use up but too many products to report back on. I definitely wanted a more concentrated project pan.

I thought about doing seasonal projects but I was having a hard time finding products that I could use up in just a couple of months. So I decided to do a YEAR long project but with fewer items. And then I saw Haley and Kat from Beauty News announce that they were doing a #TEAMPROJECTPAN and I thought that would be amazing to join in that.

2019 Project Pan #TEAMPROJECTPAN | Tayler's Edit

Watching project pans is one of my favorite past times so I thought that this would be a good way to get more involved with the panning community! The #TEAMPROJECTPAN is essentially just a year-long project pan for a full face of makeup. However, the rules are really simple and you can adjust the rules as you need but essentially you work on the same item throughout an entire quarter and then you can swap it out for something else. So it still has that “shorter” time period but it is still a year-long project.

I did not choose everything for a full face because then I would run into the issue of tracking too many products but I did pick out 9 products that I think are really realistic to finish off this year and also show great progress for my updates.

So without further ado, here are the 9 products that I will be working on this year!

First Aid Beauty – Facial Radiance Illuminating Moisturizer

First Aid Beauty - Facial Radiance Illuminating Moisturizer | Tayler's Edit

I bought this last year and used it a couple of times but then kind of forgot about it. I think I don’t reach for it because the moisturizing comes out onto a brush and I usually don’t like applying my moisturizer that way. I have NO clue how long this will take to use up but lets hope that it isn’t too long.

ELF – Hydrating Face Primer

ELF - Hydrating Face Primer | Tayler's Edit

This primer is essentially full. If you follow me on Instagram (@Taylersedit) then you would have seen me use this primer a couple of times this past week so it isn’t completely full but I really haven’t used it too many times. I do like this primer but it isn’t my favorite. I just want to use it up because I have lots of other primers to use and want this one out of my collection.

I have used up a couple of these ELF primers in the past and they haven’t taken too long so I don’t think it will be too difficult to use completely up.

Covergirl – Vitalist Healthy Elixir

Covergirl - Vitalist Healthy Elixir | Tayler's Edit

I LOVE this foundation. Honestly, it is my favorite from the drugstore. I received it initially in a VoxBox from Influenster and fell in love with it. I have already used up an entire bottle of this and then I got nervous that they were discontinuing it so I bought TWO more bottles. And then I started using other foundations and haven’t even opened the two Healthy Elixir foundations. So I want to use this up so I only have one backup going forward.

When I used this foundation up before, it did take about 6-7 months so I think this will be a challenging one for me.

NARS – Radiant Creamy Concealer

NARS - Radiant Creamy Concealer | Tayler's Edit

I bought this concealer before I really knew what I was doing with my makeup. I bought a color that matches my skin tone so this is good at covering up some blemishes but I realized later on that I prefer concealer to brighten up my skin more than anything. I rarely reach for this concealer because I don’t think I need it all the time. I feel like it is just sitting there taking up space more than anything so I am ready to just finish it up and move it out.

I have heard that this concealer takes a long time to use up. It is completely opaque around the glass tube right now so I don’t know exactly where I am at. I guess we will see!

Covergirl – Professional Loose Setting Powder

Covergirl - Professional Loose Setting Powder | Tayler's EditCovergirl - Professional Loose Setting Powder | Tayler's Edit

I actually had this setting powder in my 18 in 2018 project pan but didn’t come anywhere close to finishing it. I think this powder is a really nice drugstore option but I have other favorites. I particularly don’t care for the packaging. When you pat powder through the sifter, so much comes out so it is easy to over-apply! have some how cracked the lid and overall this powder is just hard to store.

As you can see from the picture, I have a little bit less than half of the canister left. I think this will take several months of constant use to get it completely gone. But I am determined!!

ColourPop – Super Shock Cheek in Over the Moon

ColourPop - Super Shock Cheek in Over the Moon | Tayler's Edit

I bought this highlighter in a set of 3 of other ColourPop Super Shock Cheek highlighters and I have already hit pan on the other two. This one, Over the Moon, is not a very natural color and it is somewhat glittery but I would LOVE to hit pan on it sometime this year. I have used it a couple of times but it is essentially brand new.

Wet N Wild Beauty – Photo Focus Natural Finish Setting Spray

Wet N Wild Beauty - Photo Focus Natural Finish Setting Spray | Tayler's Edit

This is another item that is just kind of taking up space in my collection. I don’t think this setting spray does a whole lot for my makeup. I realize that I love the Morphe Continuous Setting Spray so everything else is just OK. I particularly don’t like the sprayer on this product – it is just kind of aggressive! I am ready to use it up!

ELF – Lip Exfoliator

ELF - Lip Exfoliator | Tayler's EditELF - Lip Exfoliator | Tayler's Edit

This lip exfoliator is GREAT! I really do like this item and even featured it in one of my monthly favorite posts. It was one of my first lip exfoliators and now I have several. I have a few others that I love more than this one so I figured it was time to use this one up and move it out. But although I like others more, this is still a great one!

Shea Moisture – Hydrating Mud Mask

Shea Moisture - Hydrating Mud Mask | Tayler's Edit

This is another product that I already have a backup of! UGH! This was a TJ MAXX find and I fell in love with how this mask makes my skin feel so when I was back at TJ MAXX and saw it again, I wanted to have a backup. Even though I have 10000 face masks – I definitely did NOT need a backup.

I am about half way through this mask so I don’t think it should take too long to finish up completely. I will just need to remind myself to actually mask!

Well, those are all 9 items that I am starting with for this project. This is a rolling project pan so as I use up items, I will replace them with something else. It might not always be the same category of item but I definitely will work on 9 items at any given time throughout this year!

Are you doing a project pan this year!? Let me know below so I can follow along!


4 thoughts on “2019 Project Pan Introduction | #TEAMPROJECTPAN

  1. Love this project pan – can’t wait to keep up with you on this one! ☺️ I love the flexibility to swap out products quarterly.

    I’ve decided (for now) to just do another year-long rolling Project Pan but I want to do more “shop my stash” or “makeup basket” styles of updates this year. After Pan that Palette, I’ve learned that I need to have flexibility to still play with makeup (particularly eyeshadow).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, exactly! I put a lot of pressure on myself last year to use up everything I put in my project pans but I hope with this project I will have more flexibility! Year long rolling project pans are a great way to go too.


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