Sephora Birthday Gift 2019 | Which One Should I Pick?

Hi Friends!

My birthday is coming up in about a week and I thought I should start thinking about my Sephora Birthday Gift! This year there are more than just two options because Sephora recently upgraded their VIB loyalty program which included some additional options for their annual birthday gift.

Sephora Birthday Gift 2019 | Tayler's Edit

Sephora Birthday Gift 2019 | Tayler's Edit

Right now, there are four options for VIB and ROUGE members so let’s talk about each of those options.

KAT VON D Beauty Birthday Gift

Sephora Kat Von D Birthday Gift | Tayler's Edit

So this birthday gift has been somewhat controversial this year. I have a feeling this set isn’t going to get a lot of love this year. But anyway, Kat Von D’s birthday gift includes:

  • 1 Mini Tattoo Liner in Trooper Black
  • 1 Mini Lock-It Setting Powder
  • 1 Studded Kiss Crรจme Lipstick Sample Trio (Lolita, Outlaw, Vampira)

I am not really interested in this set. Not because of any drama but because the products just donโ€™t interest me. I already have the Lock-It Setting powder and I don’t wear liner that often and the lipsticks are just samples and unnecessary for me. What do you think though?


Sephora Drunk Elephant Birthday Gift | Tayler's Edit

Drunk Elephant is a very expensive skincare brand at Sephora so I think this is a nice set to include. I did pick up a Drunk Elephant Littles Set a few years ago and liked most of the items included. I have never tried the items in this set which are:

  • 1 Mini Protini Polypeptide Cream
  • 1 Mini Beste No.9 Jelly Cleanser

This set looks okay – it would be nice if they included one more item but I understand these samples are probably expensive / have a high value. I picked the GlamGlow skincare gift last year and really enjoyed it but I don’t know if I should pick skincare again this year. Even for samples, it takes a long time to use up and I already have plenty of skin care.

MILK MAKEUP Birthday Gift

Sephora Milk Makeup Birthday Gift | Tayler's Edit

So this is an option only available to VIB or ROUGE members. I have mixed feelings about this set but I will explain that after I tell you the items included. Milk Makeup’s birthday gift includes:

  • 1 Mini Cooling Water Under-Eye-De-Puffer
  • 1 Mini Kush High Volume Mascara

I LOVE the Kush High Volume mascara! I used up a deluxe sample just like a few months ago and it is easily one of my favorite mascaras now. I would be so excited to have it back in my collection but I really don’t need any new mascara. I also already have a couple of the cooling water under-eye-de-puffer sticks from some Milk Makeup sets that I bought. I used up a single sample of it and didn’t really like it. So I’m really torn on this one!

+250 BONUS POINTS Birthday Gift

Sephora 250 Bonus Points Birthday Gift | Tayler's Edit

And lastly, VIB and ROUGE members have the opportunity to select a +250 bonus points birthday gift. This would simply add 250 points to your bank of points on Sephora. You can either select any 250 point perk from the Rewards Bazaar or you can add it to your bank and wait to redeem it later.

This offer is tempting because I don’t really need new makeup or skin care samples! But this isn’t exactly the fun option either!

Anyway, those are my 4 options! Let me know which one YOU think I should choose? Are there any sets that you would like a review on? I would love to know your thoughts! And let me know which one you are picking up this year and why! I want to know it all.


20 thoughts on “Sephora Birthday Gift 2019 | Which One Should I Pick?

  1. I absolutely don’t know what to pick! Thank goodness my bday isn’t until May ๐Ÿ˜‰ I personally think the KvD isn’t worth it (who is excited by a powder, really…), so I’ll either go for the Drunk Elephant or the Milk Makeup kit because I really want to try both brands.

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      • Iโ€™m torn between that and the Milk set because I really like the moisturizer and cleanser included in the DE set, but I also LOVE the Milk Makeup Mascara. However, I absolutely hate the cooling stick so it feels a little wasteful just to pick that set for the mascara alone. ๐Ÿ™ˆ


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