Makeup Revolution: Conceal & Define Full Coverage Foundation Review!

Hi Friends!

Happy Foundation Friday! Today we are talking about Makeup Revolution’s Conceal & Define Full Coverage Foundation! I was SO curious about this foundation – I had heard so many great things so I couldn’t resist.

This foundation retails for only $12 and comes with .8 fl. oz. of product. That is a little less product than a normal foundation but I can’t complain at that price point! The Conceal & Define foundation has 24 shades. Most appear to be fair shades with a few medium and dark.

Makeup Revolution: Conceal & Define Full Coverage Foundation Review | Tayler's Edit

The Packaging

I am blown away with the packaging for this foundation. It is literally So HEAVY! Usually heavy correlates with expensive packaging. The tube is a frosted glass with a shiny pink label around it.  The label matches the lid so overall it looks really aesthetically pleasing.

This foundation actually has a huge shape tape like applicator. I personally don’t mind an applicator like this but I know some people find this unsanitary.

Makeup Revolution: Conceal & Define Full Coverage Foundation Review | Tayler's Edit

My Final Thoughts and Review

As Makeup Revolution claims, this foundation is VERY full coverage. It does blend very easily and  has a satin / natural finish. I will say that this foundation needs to be set with a powder or it will stay tacky.

I have mixed feelings about foundation. I felt like it looked nice on my skin when I first applied it and then I noticed that it got really dry around my chin and around my nose. I noticed that probably 2-3 times and then the other 2-3 times that I wore this foundation, it looked fine! I haven’t figured out the sweet spot of this foundation yet and I didn’t change anything about my skincare routine or primer.

Makeup Revolution: Conceal & Define Full Coverage Foundation Swatch | Tayler's Edit

I did really like the way it wore everywhere else on my face! I like the finish and the coverage a LOT!   I suggest this foundation with caution though. If you have dry skin or any dry spots, be careful because this foundation might emphasize that. But if you have normal or oily skin and like a full coverage foundation, this is a great one!

What is your favorite drugstore foundation? Have you tried this one from Makeup Revolution? I would love to know!


4 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution: Conceal & Define Full Coverage Foundation Review!

  1. In the U.K. this foundation has 50 shades btw! Love this post, the photo of the product on the end of the sponge applicator is soooo satisfying too haha! I like this foundation, but prefer the Makeup Revolution stick foundation! Have you tried that one?

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    • DANG, 50 shades is incredible!! hahah I am glad that you find that picture satisfying – thats makes me laugh. I have the Makeup Revolution Stick Foundation but I haven’t tried it yet!! I guess I need to if you like it more than this foundation! 🙂


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