Milani: Tea Rose Powder Blush Review!

Hi Friends!

Today we are talking about the Milani Powder Blush in Tea Rose! I have reviewed one of the Milani powder blushes in the past and have been completely obsessed with the formula ever since. The other rose blush that I reviewed was Coral Cove which I used a lot in the summer time.

This blush retails for only $8.99 and there are 4 different shades. Milani claims this blush is “an ultra silky-soft powder that delivers the perfect amount of color and easily blends onto cheeks.”

Milani: Tea Rose Powder Blush Review | Tayler's Edit

The Packaging

As you can see from the pictures, this blush’s packaging is AMAZING!! It looks so high end with the gold casing and clear lid. I LOVE the flower imprint on the actual blush. I just see that their was a lot of effort put into this blush. It looks really expensive and class.  Totally a blush that I would want sitting on my vanity on display.

Honestly, if you took off the Milani label and I had to guess how much this blush cost. I would think it was $28-$35 price range just based on the packaging. I am almost afraid to use it because I don’t want the imprint to ever wear down.

Milani: Tea Rose Powder Blush Review | Tayler's Edit

The Color Description and Swatch

This blush is definitely more wearable on an everyday basis than Coral Cove. It is a dusty rose color that easily blends on the cheeks. As you build it up it becomes more pink.  However, it is a really pigmented shade so you don’t need to build it up unless you are going for a dramatic look. The color reminds me of PAAAAARTY from Tarte Cosmetics except less pink but I think Tea Rose is a pretty close dupe for that blush.

My Final Thoughts and Review

Milani: Tea Rose Powder Blush Review | Tayler's Edit

This blush is AMAZING! The color is really pigmented and perfect for an everyday look. It is pretty powdery so you don’t need to dip into it too many times. It lays really beautifully on the skin and blends nicely for a natural blushed look. I really just can’t say enough good things about this blush. And you already know how I feel about the packaging.

After using this one and Coral Cove, I think these are the best drugstore blushes that I have ever tried. I HIGHLY recommend this blush, especially because of the price point. You just can’t beat that. I LOVE it!

Let me know down below what your FAVORITE drugstore blush is? I would love to know and try out something new!


8 thoughts on “Milani: Tea Rose Powder Blush Review!

  1. This one looks really pretty! I have a really hard time with blush because I’m so pale and I’m afraid I’ll end up looking like a clown. I think I’m going to have to try this one, you’re right, the packaging is too cute to not have!

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    • I think this color would really suite pale skin tones as well just because it is kind of a neutral pink tone. And although its pigmented, I still tend to build it up because I like really pink cheeks. But you wouldn’t have too! And yessss, I am totally the type to get reeled in by the packaging. 🙂

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  2. Flower Beauty has similar looking blushes with the rose shape, I’ve got one of those and like it quite a lot. I haven’t tried too many drugstore blushes but I can be downright obsessed with blush so I need to give your Milani suggestion a try.

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    • I have a Flower Beauty flower blush too and really like it!!! I think the Milani ones are a little bit more powdery and pigmented but I think the Flower Beauty one is excellent quality too. If you like the Flower Beauty one, you would like the Milani one as well!!

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