Too Faced: Peach Lip Balm Review!

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I never thought that I would spend so much on a lip balm in my life. Too Faced always sucks me in with their packaging and pretty much anything with their Peaches & Cream collection has me on the hook. Anyway, today we are talking about the Too Faced Peach Lip Balm! This lip balm retails for $17 (of course I bought it on sale) but it was still a really expensive lip balm.

This lip balm does come with .51 oz of product which I don’t know how that compares to other lip balms but it seems like a lot! It also smells like peaches which has become my favorite scent in makeup thanks to Too Faced.

Too Faced says “Treat your lips to the most decadent, rich, and creamy lip balm of your dreams. Our Peaches & Cream -infused formula nourishes and pampers lips for a buttery-soft and mega-moisturized pout.”

Too Faced: Peach Lip Balm Review | Tayler's Edit

The Packaging

Too Faced NEVER lets you down when it comes to packaging – even with something as small as lip balm! The little lip balm jar comes in a small outer packaging. It is similar to the other peach products from Too Faced with the pink and cream ombre packaging. The lip balm itself is in a small jar with a screw on lid. The bottom has a pretty pink color and the lid is a shiny gold metal. The top of the jar is a picture of a peach with the name of the lip balm. So adorable!

I know a lot of people don’t like lip balms that are in a jar like this because it is “unsanitary” but I don’t really mind. All I care about is that the lip balm works on my lips!

Too Faced: Peach Lip Balm Review | Tayler's Edit

My Final Thoughts and Review

I’ll just say it – I love this lip balm. I wouldn’t expect anything less from Too Faced. The formula is really moisturizing and wears a really long time. I love putting it on my lips before I go to bed and I still wake up with moisturized lips in the morning.

Although the lip balm itself does have a soft pink sheen to it, it doesn’t add any color to your lips. It doesn’t even make them look shiny. It just makes your lips look healthy and of course, the lip balm is really comfortable on the lips (like most lip balms). And I especially love the peach scent.

Too Faced: Peach Lip Balm Review | Tayler's Edit

I know this lip balm is expensive but I do see it lasting a REALLY long time. I have already used it a bunch and not even made a dip. I highly recommend this lip balm however I don’t think you need to spend this much on a lip balm for moisturized lips. I also really love EOS lip balms – they are some of my favorites and they are only $3.99!

Well, that is it for me today! Let me know down below what your favorite lip balm is! I would LOVE to know!


4 thoughts on “Too Faced: Peach Lip Balm Review!

  1. Their packaging for this line really is gorgeous…I don’t blame you for getting sucked in lol! I have been using a Milani lip balm/moisturizer and am getting low… I think it was $8.99 and it’s not nearly that big! So expensive, yes, but if it works, maybe worth it 🙂

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  2. I love Too Faced too and I didn’t know they had a lip balm. I know it’s expensive but your review has convinced me to buy it! I always have really dry lips so something that’s going to keep them super hydrated is something I want!


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