Sample Sunday #52

Hi Friends!

I can’t believe that we have come to our final Sample Sunday post!! I have been testing out samples for entire year now and I am ready to hang this series up. I think it has been a lot of fun trying so many new things and sharing my thoughts this week. It was a really easy post to share each week but now that we are into my SECOND year of blogging, I am ready to mix it up a bit more!

Just in case you didn’t know, I have been trying 5 new makeup / skin care samples each week and then reporting back what I thought of them each Sunday. So today, I am just going to wrap up my final thoughts on the last 5 samples that I tried and then we are going to say goodbye to the samples for awhile!

Sample Sunday #51 | Tayler's Edit

1. Kate Sommerville – Exfolikate Glow Moisturizer – This moisturizer is really nice!! Just like all Kate Sommerville skincare items, it is really high quality. It was very moisturizing and did have a soft glow on the skin. I have so many moisturizers though that I am not interested in buying a new one anytime soon!

2. Too Faced – Primed & Peachy Mattifying Primer – I have used this primer in the past and if you follow me on Instagram (@Taylersedit) you would have seen me using it a couple of times this week! I really like this primer, it definitely is mattifying and smells like peaches! I already have a deluxe size of this primer so I don’t intend to buy it anytime soon.

3. Givenchy – Noir Interdit Mascara – This was an interesting mascara to use just because of the package that it came in. I did use it a couple of times this week. I was impressed with the length that it gave me but I couldn’t build up my lashes as much as I usually like to. I normally use 2 mascaras to give my lashes as much volume and length as possible! This was seemed nice but it didn’t blow me away. I really don’t intend to purchase it.

4. Cartier – Declaration Eau De Toilette – I hated this perfume. It smelt really musky and dry which is not my scent at all. I have liked other Cartier perfumes that I’ve tried but this one was really unpleasant. I ended up masking it with something else.

5. Hourglass – Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick – This sample is just lame. I couldn’t tell anything about the foundation from the little swipe that I got from this sample. It has decent coverage but it was impossible to tell how it would perform on my skin. I don’t even know why they bother with samples like this.

Well, that is it for me this week! Over the course of 2018 and a little bit of this year, I have used up over 260 samples which is insane! I am really proud of sticking with these series as long as I did.

I am going to stop adding samples to my cart when I check out at Sephora or Ulta just because I have so much stuff as is that I don’t need to be trying anything new!! I still even have plenty of samples that I need to use. Once I work through all of them, I might look into adding them to my order again but it won’t be for a VERY long time!!

As always, let me know down below what you think of any of the products that I mentioned above! I would love to know!


One thought on “Sample Sunday #52

  1. That sucks about the Hourglass sample ☹️ also I really need to try something from the Too Faced Peach line, I smelt it in a Sephora last year but didn’t purchase and now I’m regretting it 😂do you have the peach powder??


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