Anastasia Beverly Hills: Sunset Eyeshadow Quad Review and Swatches!

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Today we are talking about the Anastasia Beverly Hills Sunset eyeshadow quad! This is a brand NEW quad that ABH just released along with a few other items in their Sunset / Daytime collection. Of course, what stood out to me the most were the eyeshadows! I picked up the Sunset quad (which I will be reviewing today) and the Daytime quad!

If you follow me on Instagram (@taylersedit), then you may have seen that I have been obsessed with these quads over the past couple of weeks!

The Details

Anastasia Beverly Hills: Sunset Eyeshadow Quad Review | Tayler's Edit

As I am sure you can tell, the Sunset quad comes with 4 single eyeshadows. This palette retailed for $32 which is on par with 4 single shadows from ABH. Each shadow contains 1.7 grams of product which is almost twice as much as a shadow in their 14 pan palettes.

The Packaging

The packaging for this quad is actually SO CUTE! I mean, I didn’t expect any less from Anastasia but I am usually not drawn to single eyeshadows but the packaging lured me in! The outer box has a pretty sunset ombre affect. The center is a light cream color, then is fades into peach, and then into a lilac purple color. Then there are dark palm tree silhouettes in the upper right and lower left hand corner.

Anastasia Beverly Hills: Sunset Eyeshadow Quad Review | Tayler's Edit

The compact itself is the same lilac color with a clear lid so you can see the eyeshadows. The holder where the shadows sit also has the black silhouette of the palm trees.

I like that you can pop these eyeshadows out of this little palette so if you wanted to switch in a different single or add these to a different palette, you could! The compact is pretty small and travel friendly, very cute overall!

The Shades and Swatches

Anastasia Beverly Hills: Sunset Eyeshadow Quad Review | Tayler's Edit

Birkin – This is the cool toned tan / brown matte shade. This is a great transition shade for really any look but it works especially well with the other shades in this palette.

Blue Flash – This is the STAR of all four shades. It is a shimmery purple / blue with silver glitter shadow and it is BEAUTIFUL! This is definitely the most unique shadow within the quad. I think it is a really lovely shade.

Horizon – Another winner is this bright honey gold shimmer shade. I mean, its GORGEOUS! Its super metallic and blinding.

Streak – This is a dark chocolatey brown matte shade. Looking at this shade in the pan, it does have a little bit of sheen to it but  it doesn’t translate to the eyelid.

Anastasia Beverly Hills: Sunset Eyeshadow Quad Swatches | Tayler's Edit

My Final Thoughts / Review

This quad is GREAT! Anastasia Beverly Hills really knows how to put colors together. I think individually and together, all of these shadows are really beautiful! They are all really pigmented and soft, and easy to blend just like many other ABH eyeshadows. I actually created a couple of looks that reminded me of the Norvina palette which I thought was interesting.

Do I think you need this palette? Well NO. The great thing about this is that they are eyeshadow singles. If you really wanted just one or two shades, then skip buying the whole palette and just pick up the singles.

I am SO happy to have this palette in my collection though. ABH has an amazing eyeshadow formula so I am not surprised by how much I like this quad.

Let me know down below what you think of this quad! Did you pick it up or is it a pass for you? I would love to know your thoughts!


9 thoughts on “Anastasia Beverly Hills: Sunset Eyeshadow Quad Review and Swatches!

  1. This is beautiful! And also looks exactly like what is in my sultry palette. I think this would be an extremely nice way to get started with ABH shadows had I never had any others.

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    • VERY true!! A quad like this is a good introduction to the brand but the palettes are such a better deal. 4 shadows for $32 or 14 shadows for $42! I LOVE this quad though, totally worth the money!


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