Jouer Cosmetics: Bouquet D’Amour Blush Palette Review and Swatches!

Hi Friends!

I have a NEW NEW blush palette to talk about today! This is the Jouer Cosmetics Bouquet D’Amour Blush palette that was recently released. This is the first time I am featuring Jouer on my blog, so it’s a really exciting day!

I have a little bit of a story about this blush palette! David and I went to Sephora a few weekends ago and I wasn’t really planning on buying anything – just looking around. Well, I noticed this blush palette and it has a price of ONLY $30!! I knew immediatelythat this was not right.

I looked it up on the Sephora App and, of course, confirmed that it was supposed to be $42. I then told a Sephora employee and they immediately updated the price but sold it to me for only $30! So even though I wasn’t planning on buying anything, I HAD to buy this palette because it was such a good deal!

Jouer Cosmetics: Bouquet D'Amour Blush Palette Review | Tayler's Edit

Product Details and Claims

As I have already mentioned, this palette retails for $42 which is pretty expensive. It does come with 6 blushes that have 3 grams of product each. And by the way, Bouquet D’Amour means Bouquet of Love.

Jouer’s description: “A pressed powder blush palette with velvety smooth blushes that deliver full pigment color and blend to a perfect finish.”

Jouer Cosmetics: Bouquet D'Amour Blush Palette Review | Tayler's Edit

The Bouquet D’Amour blush palette has a mix of matte and shimmer shades with a mix of pinks, neutrals, and a bright orange blush.

Other facts about this palette:

  • Paraben free formula
  • Gluten free formula
  • Vegan friendly
  • Cruelty free

The Packaging

Jouer Cosmetics: Bouquet D'Amour Blush Palette Review | Tayler's Edit

The packaging is BEAUTIFUL! I honestly didn’t realize how beautiful it was until I saw it person. The palette is a cream white color and then it is covered in these delicate designs. The designs are of dragon flies, flowers, birds, and vines and they are all imprinted with a gold foil. Its just really pretty and romantic!

On the inside of the palette, there is a large mirror on the lid / top. And then the 6 blush shades sit in square pans on the base of the palette. Jouer’s symbol / logo is imprinted in the center of each blush. Overall, really detailed and beautiful palette.

Shades and Swatches

In the first row, you have:

Jouer Cosmetics: Bouquet D'Amour Blush Palette Swatches | Tayler's Edit

Treasure Me – Warm shimmering bronze tangerine / burnt orange blush

This was the most intimidating blush to me! I didn’t think I would be able to wear this shade on my skin tone but I actually LOVED it! It is a really bold and apparent blush but it actually looks beautiful. I loved using it with the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Daytime Quad just because it played well with other warm tones.

Marigold – Warm shimmering / satin golden peach blush

I was instantly drawn to this blush. It is a nice neutral blush that looks great with any look. This is the type of blush that I reach for on an every day basis.

Know Me – Cool shimmering / satin soft pink blush

This is a pretty, girly blush – it just warmed up the cheeks to add a little bit of color.

In the second row, you have:

Jouer Cosmetics: Bouquet D'Amour Blush Palette Swatches | Tayler's Edit

Adore Me – Warm matte dusty peach blush

I am obsessed with this blush! It is another shade that just looks great with any look. It has a neutral undertone which makes it easy to incorporate with bronzers and highlighters.

Kiss Me – Warm matte carnation pink blush

This is one of the brighter blushes in the palette – similar to Know Me, it is a pretty pink color that just adds a nice flush of color to the cheeks. It is a very girly, pretty color.

Seduce Me – Cool matte berry pink

This blush is also pretty intimidating! It looks like a cool toned purple shade in the pan but on the cheeks and swatched, it is also very pink. I don’t think this blush goes well with a lot of eye looks, it is more of a statement blush than anything.

Jouer Cosmetics: Bouquet D'Amour Blush Palette Swatches | Tayler's Edit

My Final Thoughts / Review

Color me IMPRESSED with this palette – I think its BEAUTIFUL! I am obviously more drawn to certain shades (Adore Me and Marigold) than other shades (Seduce Me) but I think overall I will get a lot of use out of this palette.

All of the blushes are very pigmented and they are a soft formula so you need to be careful with how much you pick up on your brush. They blend beautifully into the skin and just make your cheeks look healthy and warm. I was very pleasantly surprised by Treasure Me – its so unique yet beautiful!

The only thing that I would change about this palette would be to remove one of the pink blushes,  and add in a lighter blush / highlight shade like Touch Me (from Jouer’s Flirt Blush Bouquet). But I still think there is a good variety.

If you are interested in a blush palette, then I do recommend this one! Obviously, there are more affordable options for blushes out there but I do the quality is great and you can get a lot of use out of just this one palette!

Let me know down below what you think of this palette! Are you planning on picking it up? I would LOVE to know! Also, what are some of your favorite blushes?

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9 thoughts on “Jouer Cosmetics: Bouquet D’Amour Blush Palette Review and Swatches!

  1. Their packaging really is gorgeous, all of it. You did have to buy it! And also, you’ll get good use out of having that one in your collection I think. Nice score!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahah, I love that you said I had to buy it. I totally agree. My boyfriend is always like “you’re not saving $, you’re just spending more $’. He just doesn’t get it. haha. The packaging is actually so much prettier than I imagined online. I think I will get good use out of it too!


  2. What a great deal getting it for $30!! The packaging is beautiful and I love the shades. I don’t think I need a giant blush palette but I really want one of their blush duos. Jouer keeps coming out with so many amazing products. Great review! x


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