New Makeup Anti-Haul | March 2019

Hi Friends!

I am back today with another anti-haul! There are so many new makeup releases that it is hard to keep up. I also really want to focus on shopping my stash this year so even when I am scrolling through new makeup, I am constantly anti-hauling stuff in my head!

Don’t get me wrong, there is also a lot of stuff that I WANT to buy but for this post, I am focusing on things that I don’t need and furthermore, don’t want!

MAC Cosmetics – Art Library Palette: Flame-Boyant

MAC Cosmetics - Art Library Palette: Flame-Boyant | Tayler's Edit

Guys, is this not the Too Faced Just Peachy palette? This MAC palette just seems so unoriginal and late to the game. Don’t get be wrong, its BEAUTIFUL! But I already have these colors in the Just Peachy palette. I also think its pretty expensive – I mean, of course, it is MAC but I don’t need to spend $48 on eyeshadows that I already have!

Too Faced  x Erica Jayne Pretty Mess Collection

Too Faced  x Erica Jayne Pretty Mess Collection | Tayler's Edit

I have shared my opinion on this collection a lot on Instagram already. But as you can tell from this post, I am anti-hauling this entire collection. Too Faced collabed with Erika Jayne (from Real Housewives) for this explicit / Pretty Mess collection. I don’t watch Real Housewives and apparently Erika Jayne is inappropriate and vulgar in real life but I don’t get how it translates to makeup.

The whole collection is weird to me. Really, even if I stripped away the names and the concepts – the products by themselves aren’t up my ally. I still LOVE Too Faced though and am excited for a few of their other upcoming releases!

NARS – Mosaic Glow Blush

NARS - Mosaic Glow Blush | Tayler's Edit

Here is another compact with a highlighter, blush, and bronzer all crammed together. I don’t mind all three powders in the same compact like the Pixi Beauty PixiGlow Cake but there needs to be some separation.

With the NARS compact, it would be impossible to just pick up the bronzer or highlight and I don’t want a muddy blush on my cheeks. I think its pretty but unrealistic at the same time.

Pacifica – Crystal Dust Supercharged Highlighters

Pacifica - Crystal Dust Supercharged Highlighters | Tayler's Edit

I have tried a few things from Pacifica and I am not a huge fan. I saw this highlighter duo and it just looked boring to me. I think the packaging is distracting and makes it look more exciting than it actually is. I know if I had this in my collection, I would never reach for it.

Tom Ford – Lip Lacquer Luxe

Tom Ford - Lip Lacquer Luxe | Tayler's Edit

Is this lippie seriously $57?! I don’t care HOW AMAZING this lipstick could possibly be – it is not worth $57! One day I want to try something from Tom Ford but I cannot justify this lip lacquer at that price. I just think it is insane. Its not hard for me to not buy this because the price is just insane!

Drybar – Flat Mate Boar Bristle Brush

Drybar - Flat Mate Boar Bristle Brush | Tayler's Edit

Speaking of extremely expensive, here is a hair brush that costs $85! I understand how a brush like this may be better for your hair but I have been getting along fine with my $10 brush. I just don’t think this will make a big enough difference on my hair to justify $85. Is anyone else just in shock by how expensive that is?

Well, that is it for me today! There are lots of other products that I am mentally anti-hauling but this post is getting a little long so I am going to stop it here!

Let me know down below what you are anti-hauling and why! I would love to know!!


12 thoughts on “New Makeup Anti-Haul | March 2019

  1. I hate the too faced collection. What are they even trying to do? Earning my disrespect apparently. I didn’t notice the Mac palette similarity to just peachy until you mentioned it but you are right on target.

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    • Yeah, I feel like a lot of people were disgusted by that Too Faced collection. They completely missed the mark. It sucks because I love their items and would pretty much buy anything that they push out. Yeah, I am glad you agree on the MAC palette! Its literally an exact dupe!


  2. I think MAC really is jus trying to build its collection up so they can have certain offerings for their ride or die fans . But yes that too face collection is weird

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  3. Some of that stuff is just way too expensive, like you said. I was soooo unimpressed with that Too Faced collection. I don’t watch Real Housewives either and had zero idea who that girl was but the whole thing came off as childish while also being a little too gross. I know Too Faced has some questionably named stuff anyways but this was just too much with some of them 😕

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  4. I didn’t think of it at first but now that you pointed it out that MAC palette totally looks like the peachy matte palette! I already have that so I’ll be passing.
    That pretty mess collection is a mess. And not in a good way! I’m not into it.
    I could never justify the price of that TF lipstick or the hair brush! That’s so much money for one product. I get spending more money on a palette with tons of shades, but not on a single lip product. Or a hair brush lol


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