Tarte Cosmetics Sugar Rush Anti-Haul | What are they thinking?

Hi Friends,

I know I just posted an anti-haul yesterday but I HAD to do another one as soon as I saw this new brand from Tarte Cosmetics. Sugar Rush is a new “brand” / line within Tarte and basically all of their products DO NOT appeal to me.

Sweet Slice Eye & Cheek Palette

Tarte Cosmetics Sugar Rush Sweet Slice Eye & Cheek Palette | Tayler's Edit

This is a brand new eyeshadow palette from Tarte Cosmetics. I feel like this hasn’t been talked about or even really advertised at all? I only noticed it as I was scrolling through the new makeup on Ulta. But honestly, this looks like KIDS makeup!!

Too Faced is also releasing a watermelon palette that is actually pretty cute. I think the difference is the size of the pans. Like the Tarte pans just look silly to me. And this is also supposed to be a cheek palette but there is only one large pan and it also seems pretty small.

Desert Dreamers Brush Set

Tarte Cosmetics Sugar Rush Desert Dreamers Brush Set | Tayler's Edit

Not trying to hate on Tarte but they seriously need to stop releasing makeup brushes. I feel like their brush sets look consistently bad. I actually LOVE cactus and think the packaging for these brushes is really cute but I think this set is a bit random. Like what do cacti have to do with Sugar Rush? And then there are two face brushes and 1 eyeshadow brush?

This set is also $23 which is more than what I want to spend on 3 random brushes, at this time.

Keep Calm, Sunnies On Eyeshadow Palette

Tarte Cosmetics Sugar Rush Keep Calm, Sunnies On Eyeshadow Palette | Tayler's Edit

The eye shadows in this palette actually look pretty! But I HATE the packaging. I don’t like when pans are crooked in the pan like that and they are so spaced apart. I don’t want to store a palette in my collection that could literally be half the size. They could have put in at least 3 more eyeshadows in the center. It just not worth it to me!

Beach Cheeks Cream Blush

Tarte Cosmetics Sugar Rush Beach Cheeks Cream Blush | Tayler's Edit

Anti-hauling is partially just personal preference. I am not a huge fan of cream blushes – they just never wear as well as powders in my opinion. So I wouldn’t buy this blush simply because it is a cream. HOWEVER, the packaging again is so annoying. I feel like this is really expensive kid’s makeup. I know a sea shell is totally Tarte’s aesthetic, but why does this have to look like plastic junk?

24K Lash Curler

Tarte Cosmetics Sugar Rush 24K Lash Curler | Tayler's Edit

I actually think this little duo is cute! A little mini mascara and a lash curler and I know I am harping on the packaging but this diamond on the lash curler? I feel like this collection is ALL over the place. First cacti, watermelon, not diamonds… I just don’t get it. The diamond looks like it is silicone and would attract every piece of dust and makeup powder in my bathroom.

Well, that is it for me. There are a couple of other items that I don’t plan to purchase (the skin care items) but I felt like I have said enough for now.

I feel like Tarte is trying to re-brand themselves but they are going in the wrong direction! I feel like they are marketing towards young, young girls that are just getting into makeup now. And truthfully, any girls that are just getting into makeup should go to Walgreens and buy some drugstore makeup so they can play around and not break the bank!

All of these items are less expensive than what Tarte has charged in the past, but they definitely aren’t drugstore prices.

Those are just my thoughts! I want to know what YOU think of Sugar Rush! Are you planning on buying anything? I would LOVE to know!


8 thoughts on “Tarte Cosmetics Sugar Rush Anti-Haul | What are they thinking?

  1. I agree! I saw this a couple of weeks ago and was a little puzzled. I actually was thinking of trying one of the skincare products but it is expensive. I actually think I read that they started this line for younger girls but then…the prices! Like what on Earth. It’s too expensive for young girls just starting out, like you said. Honestly, Tarte is not on my list of favorite brands anyways. Sorry, Tarte.

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    • Yeah, I can totally see how they are targeting young girls with these items but I feel like that is a step in the wrong direction. They need to balance Tarte right now and stop focusing on new lines. So glad you agree, I felt like I was being harsh but non of this stuff is inspiring.

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  2. I, too, have heard that this was made for a younger audience. But really, if parents are able to spend this much on kids makeup, they will just be buying higher end makeup. This isn’t needed. And if kids are able to spend this much on kids makeup, they, too, are already tracking the higher end releases and don’t need this. I am thinking this one is just going to die a quiet death.

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    • I think you are SPOT on with this line just dying off… It really is unnecessary. I feel like Tarte just needs to focus on themselves right now. Their brand isn’t doing too hot and there are women (like me) that used to really like them but are getting bored. So to see a full line thats made for a younger audience is a bit frustrating because I want them to make something beautiful for me / adult women. Maybe thats selfish?


  3. I saw these from Tarte a little while ago and thought immediately they were for younger girls. Which is odd to me because I feel even high school girls are going for “adult” brands like ABH. It’s almost like it’s for middle school? I’m not sure who else is out there to target too?? I don’t mind the gimmicky themes. Like I thought when too Faced did the Tutti Fruitti or Colourpop with the Brunch collection, like it’s cute but still usable for all ages. I think it’s a thin line when it gets it’s food inspired makeup stuff can go so young so fast!


  4. That Sugar Rush collection confused me so much. I heard it’s supposed to be a “sister brand” but why does Ulta still say Tarte Cosmetics Sugar Rush then???

    This ALL looks like makeup for a 5 year old, I am so not into it! The packaging is excessive and weird looking. And I agree, Tarte seriously needs to stop making brushes!

    Loved reading your anti-haul!

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