My VERY First PR Package | Unboxing & Initial Thoughts

Hi Friends!

I am so excited to be unboxing my very first PR package today! I have received packages in the past from Infuenster but this is the first time a brand has reached out to me directly! It’s a really exciting milestone for my blog so I wanted to share my full experience.

This package is from Alter Ago Cosmetics which is a new brand aimed for creating makeup that is inclusive and accessible. The item that they sent me is Alter Ego’s very first eyeshadow palette! And it happens to be a dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Sultry palette.

Alter Ego Cosmetics PR Package Unboxing | Tayler's Edit

So before we get into the unboxing of the item that Alter Ego sent me, I wanted to share how I think they found me. I wrote a post EARLY on into my blog called “Exact Makeup Dupes“. I expressed in that post that I didn’t really support exact makeup dupes. Meaning, you something is a direct copy of another item – I feel like it should be copyright infringement. However, I do support drugstore alternatives. As long as they have some originality. Anyway, Alter Ego found that post somehow and said they would love to send me their palette that is inspired by the ABH Sultry palette.

Alter Ego’s Story

Alter Ego Cosmetics PR Package Unboxing | Tayler's Edit

Included in the PR package was a small insert that had more information about the brand’s story. “Alter Ego is beauty without compromise.” is the brand motto.

They claim to offer “highly pigmented, luxurious formulations that are cruelty-free and paraben-free so you can recreate the most coveted looks from your favorite makeup artists.” I think that they are starting out with a focus on ingredients and being cruelty free. You don’t always see that with more affordable brands so I really like that! However, I will note that this is NOT A VEGAN FRIENDLY PALETTE. The formula contains Carmine which is a red pigment from crushed insects.

Alter Ego’s mission is to “make beauty more inclusive and accessible, using only the highest quality ingredients and state-of-the-art production methods.” This mission sounds great of paper – I do think this brand is more accessible because it is more affordable that a brand like Anastasia Beverly Hills. However, I don’t know about using the highest quality ingredients. Simply because I don’t know much about ingredients or really any “state-of-the-art” production methods.

PR Packaging Unboxing

Alter Ego Cosmetics Makeup Dupe for ABH Sultry | Tayler's EditAlter Ego Cosmetics PR Package Unboxing | Tayler's Edit

And finally the part you all have been waiting for – the makeup unboxing! Alter Ego was really generous and sent me the following items:

  1. The Alter Ego Temptress Eyeshadow Palette (inspired by the ABH Sultry palette)
  2. TWO makeup brushes

I wasn’t expecting makeup brushes at all so that was a nice surprise! EVERYTHING was packaged so neatly and beautifully. When I first opened the box, a personalized letter from the brand was sitting on top. And then the palette and the makeup brushes came in a pretty metallic gold envelope. I really enjoyed the presentation. AND I really like that they included some notes about the brand.

The Temptress palette retails for $16 which is A LOT more affordable than the ABH Sultry palette.

Alter Ego Cosmetics Makeup Brushes | Tayler's Edit

My Initial Thoughts

This brand has a special place in my heart just for the simple fact that they sent me my very first PR package. I don’t have a very large following so I appreciate that they took a change on me and decided that my blog was a good place to share their palette. I have seen other people on YouTube and Instagram receive this palette in PR and they have a LOT larger following than me. So I am honored to have also received this.

When they initially reached out, they said that they just wanted an HONEST review which also shows a lot of integrity.

Alter Ego Cosmetics Makeup Dupe for ABH Sultry | Tayler's Edit

I have mixed feelings about this palette being a dupe. It is a little too close for comfort to the Sultry palette. But if you want to hear my full thoughts, stay tuned for my review coming up later this week!

Unaffiliated Code

I am NOT affiliated with Alter Ego in any way. I have had no contact with the brand in anyway after they sent my this package. However, on the note that they sent me, they did include a discount code that I could share with my subscribers. It is a 15% off discount if you decide to purchase this palette.

Coupon Code = TAYLER

I do not receive a commission if you use this code. I just thought I would share if you want to save some money!

Alter Ego Cosmetics Coupon Code | Tayler's Edit

FTC: Alter Ego sent me this product in exchange for an honest review. I am not affiliated in any way.

Let me know down below if you have heard of this brand before! Do you have the Sultry palette? Also, what do you think of makeup dupes? I would LOVE to know!


6 thoughts on “My VERY First PR Package | Unboxing & Initial Thoughts

  1. Congratulations on your first PR package! I’m looking forward to reading about your thoughts on this palette and how it compares to the original ABH.

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  2. I thought it looked like the ABH palette! I will say it is nice that some brands are shooting for lower price points. I mean $45 for a palette is pretty steep…

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yeah – I think if you just glance at it, you could mistake it for the ABH one easily! I COMPLETELY agree with you – $45 is really expensive for an eyeshadow palette.


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