ColourPop Spring Haul | April 2019

Hi Friends!

ColourPop has been KILLING it lately – literally I have been wanting all of their recent releases. I love how affordable ColourPop is but it still adds up when you literally want everything. I just placed a semi-large order and I thought I would share everything I picked up! Most of the items are a mix of ColourPop’s Spring collection and then of course the Disney Villian’s Collection and there are a few other items that I just needed to throw into my cart!

ColourPop Spring Collection Haul | Tayler's Edit

Spring Collection

Sweet Talk Pressed Powder Palette

ColourPop Sweet Talk Palette | Tayler's Edit

The first item I was drawn to was the Sweet Talk eyeshadow palette! Literally everything about this palette is beautiful! The packaging is just screaming spring and the shadows and pretty and girly. There are a couple of unique glitter shades also that I am excited to dig into!

Sweet Talk Lux Lipsticks in Spring Roll and Tea Thyme

ColourPop Sweet Talk Lux Lipsticks | Tayler's EditColourPop Sweet Talk Lux Lipsticks | Tayler's Edit

I LOVE the Lux Lipstick formula – it is creamy and pigmented and wears beautifully throughout the day! I was really keen on the shade Spring Roll and it was already included in the Your Face is Like Sunshine set so it worked out perfectly! Spring Roll is described as a “sweet warm pinky nude” which just screams to me. I love my pinky nude lipsticks!

I wasn’t planning on buying Tea Thyme but it also looks like a beautiful color so I am sure it won’t go to waste. ColourPop describes this color as a plummy terracota!

Super Shock Blushes in Count Me In and No Vacancy

ColourPop Spring Super Shock Blushes | Tayler's Edit

Some of the most beautiful blushes I have ever seen are in the Sweet Talk collection. I just HAD to try these. I have never used the Super Shock Cheek blush formula, only ColourPop’s highlighters. I picked up two shades; No Vacancy and Count Me In.

Count Me In is a soft neutral pink shade that looks like it will work with any look! No Vacancy looks like a littler bit more fun – it is a bright pinky coral color (perfect for spring!) It is a lot brighter in person than it is online but we will see how it wears on the cheeks. I am SO EXCITED to use these blushes.

Jelly Much Shadows in Big Ego and Close to You

ColourPop Spring Jelly Much Shadows | Tayler's Edit

I also picked up two Jelly Much Shadows! I only have one of these shadows in my collection now but haven’t used it much. I am hoping to try out some different colors. These shades were also included in the Your Face is Like Sunshine set so I didn’t pick out the colors but they look pretty! Close to You is a shiny “baby pink with pink and violet glitter”. Big Ego is a pale lavender color which I think will be really pretty for spring, especially this month!

ColourPop Villains Collections | Tayler's Edit

Disney Villains Collection

Misunderstood Pressed Powder Palette

ColourPop Misunderstood Pressed Powder Palette | Tayler's Edit

I could not resist! The packaging for the Disney Villains collection is out of this world! I was also drawn to so many items in this collection. Of course – the eyeshadow palette Misunderstood was on the list. The shadows just look really interesting in this palette, there are a lot of shimmers and dark shades. I am so excited to play!

Super Shock Highlighters in Cruella and Hades

ColourPop Hades Super Shock Highlighter | Tayler's EditColourPop Hades Super Shock Highlighter | Tayler's Edit

I really wanted all of the villain highlighters but I only picked up the ones that were most realistic for me. I HAD to have the Hades highlighter which is actually named “Everybody’s Got a Weakness.” I have watched Hercules NONSTOP on Netflix ever since it came out. I absolutely love that movie so anything with Hades as a must! The Hades highlighter has a peach tone which looks really pretty.

The other highlighter is Cruella / You Idiots! You Fools! You Imbeciles! This is a more pale highlighter with a hint of silver. It looks blinding!

ColourPop Cruella Super Shock Highlighter | Tayler's EditColourPop Cruella Super Shock Highlighter | Tayler's Edit

Lux Lipstick in Hades

ColourPop Hades Lux Lipstick | Tayler's Edit

Guys, I told you I was obsessed with Hades – I had to pick up the lipstick too! Also, this is the packaging that I am dying over. I love the neon silhouette of Hades on the front of the box. The shade of the lipstick is a peachy nude which should look pretty in spring time! I had to have it regardless of the color to be honest!

More Fun Makeup

BFF Mascara in Black on Black and Blue Ya Mind

ColourPop BFF Volumizing Mascara | Tayler's Edit

I have heard so many AMAZING things about these BFF mascaras! I have so many mascaras already but I really wanted to try out this formula. You know your girl loves a volumizing mascara. I picked up the classic Black on Black mascara for everyday use but then I also picked up Blue Ya Mind which is a blue mascara. I thought the blue would be fun to play around with!

Disney Designer It’s a Princess Thing Shadow Palette

ColourPop Its a Princess Thing Eyeshadow Palette | Tayler's EditColourPop Its a Princess Thing Eyeshadow Palette | Tayler's Edit

Because I was picking up the Villain’s Misunderstood palette, I figured I would go ahead and pick up the It’s a Princess Thing palette as well! I didn’t initially reach for this palette because I have so many similar shades but ultimately I couldn’t resist. The shadows look really beautiful and the collection overall is really intriguing! I LOVE Disney.

I am so excited to dig into all this makeup! I will be writing reviews on everything as soon as I can so let me know what you want to see first. I am obviously the most excited about the eyeshadow palettes and the blushes and the mascaras and the highlighters and the lipsticks – so pretty much everything! ColourPop has been impressing me so much with all of there releases. These products seem really beautiful so far!

Let me know down below if you have any of these items from ColourPop! I would LOVE to know your thoughts!


17 thoughts on “ColourPop Spring Haul | April 2019

  1. Such a great haul! I’m obsessed with the sweet talk palette, it’s so stunning. And the Disney Villains packaging is amazing. I didn’t pick up anything from the villains collection but I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the palette.
    Their mascara formula is pretty good! I’ve been wearing the blue mascara to work everyday even though it’s a bit bold.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m excited to see swatches and a review of the Sweet Talk palette! I am so drawn to it but I keep telling myself I don’t need it lol! Also, omg, I love the Hercules movie too!!! Greek mythology is something I’ve loved since literally elementary school lol so that’s one of my fav Disney movies!

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  3. I really had to hold myself back from NOT buying the entire Spring & Disney Villain collection lol! I grabbed both palettes, and then from the Villains collection I grabbed the Ursula, Maleficent, and 2/3 of the items in the Cruella kit… and then the 3 jelly shadows for each of those villains haha. So far, I’m most impressed by the two palettes!! 😀

    ColourPop is actually my makeup vice – they’re just so affordable, that I’m so easily sucked in!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha I just bought two more of the Villains highlighters.. The collection is so beautiful! And like you said, CP is so affordable, I’m easily sucked in too! I still need to dig into the Misunderstood palette!!


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