My FULL Makeup Routine!

Hi Friends!

Today, I thought I would walk through my full makeup routine! I love doing my makeup, it is such a peaceful time for me in the morning when I really just focus on myself. It also is a creative time because each day can totally be something different.

This year has been all about shopping my stash so I have been using a lot of different makeup, but my routine has remained pretty much consistent. I pretty much always put my makeup on in the same order.

  1. Primer

After my morning skincare routine, I always start with primer! I have so many different kinds that I use, it just depends on the mood that I am in. Lately, I have been using the ELF Poreless Putty Primer to fill in my pores in my t-zone but I also have really been into the Ole Henriksen Banana Bright primer as well. Primer is an essential to start my makeup routine!

Face Primers | Tayler's Edit

  1. Foundation

You guessed it, next is foundation. I love foundation to even out my skin tone and help cover my blemishes. One of my favorite things to test out is foundation. Again, I have so many different kinds, like mattifying foundations, dewy, satin finish. I try to rotate through as many as I can but since I added the Covergirl Vitalist Healthy Elixir to my project pan, I have been using it nonstop! It is one of my favorite drugstore foundations.

Drugstore Foundations | Tayler's Edit

  1. Concealer

Next, is concealer! I haven’t always had concealer in my routine but it really does add a special element to my routine. Sometimes, I use concealer to add some extra coverage on blemishes but mostly, I use it as a brightener for my under eyes. I like have some dimension to my face and concealer can really help with that!

Makeup Concealers | Tayler's Edit

  1. Setting Powder

I then set my face with a setting powder! I know some people use two different setting powders, one for their under eyes and one for the rest of their face. I only use one to set my whole face, just to keep it simple. I also rarely bake – I have tried it a few times but it never has the same effect on me as it does on beauty gurus on YouTube.

Setting powder helps my skin feel like skin again. I need it so my skin doesn’t feel tacky from foundation and concealer. It also helps my makeup last longer throughout the day!

Makeup Setting Powders | Tayler's Edit

  1. Bronzer

Bronzer is one of my favorite steps in my face makeup! As I mentioned above, I love having a little bit of dimension and bronzer is perfect for that! I don’t really contour but I do apply bronzer is the same areas that one would contour so it does help shape my face a little bit more. Benefit’s Hoola bronzer has been my absolute favorite lately!

Makeup Bronzers | Tayler's Edit

  1. Blush

Next is blush which I apply on the apples of my cheeks and sweep it back into my cheekbone, slightly over my bronzer. I think this helps make it look more natural and suites my face shape. Blush is amazing because there are so many different colors, you can go neutral or really bright. Its fun to mix up!

Blush Powders | Tayler's Edit

  1. Highlighter

I have to admit, I didn’t really use highlighter up until last year sometime. But now, I am obsessed. Highlighter helps make your skin look healthy. I don’t like a blinding highlight really but just something that looks natural and melts into the skin. My ALL TIME favorite is the highlighter in the Blush & Glow duo from Natasha Denona. It is the perfect tone and formula for my skin.

High End Face Highlighters | Tayler's Edit

  1. Eyebrows (Pencil + Eyebrow Gel)

The next step is filling in my eyebrows! I usually just a brow pencil and then a brow gel. The brow pencil is a must for me and the gel is optional. Honestly once I run out of the gel, I am not going to repurchase. I have been working for OVER A YEAR to use up the Eyelure eyebrow pencil, it is never ending. Once its used up, I’ll finally be able to focus on some other brow items in my collection – maybe even move to a powder! But right now, I’ll stick with a pencil.

Eyebrow Products | Tayler's Edit

  1. Eyeshadow (+ eyeshadow primer)

My FAVORITE PART of my entire routine is my eyeshadow! I am also looping eyeshadow primer in this step. I have gotten in the habit of using eyeshadow primer every day. However, eyeshadow is where I really get creative and each day can be something completely different. I love mixing up my eyeshadow palettes, colors, techniques.. Everything when it comes to eyeshadow! Eyeshadow palettes are also my favorite makeup item in my collection so its suiting that I love using them so much!

Eyeshadow Palettes | Tayler's Edit

  1. Setting Spray

Setting spray is an essential step for me! Not because it extends the wear time of makeup but it helps all of the powder products sink into my skin even more. It helps my skin look like skin instead of looking powdery. My favorite is the Morphe Continuous Setting Spray but I have been using the Too Faced Peach Mist lately.

Makeup Setting Sprays | Tayler's Edit

  1. Mascara

I usually apply mascara last so setting spray doesn’t make it wet or leak on my face. Mascara and foundation are my number 1s. If I am in a crazy hurry to get somewhere, I would still apply foundation and mascara before leaving home. Mascara just adds so much definitely to the eyelids and makes you look awake.

Mascaras | Tayler's Edit

  1. Lipstick

Something I always forget to add to my makeup of the day pictures on Instagram is my lipstick! I admit that sometimes I forget to apply it but lately I have really been enjoying reaching for my lipsticks. I am obsessed with pinky nude lips and rarely reach for anything darker. Its nice to add just a hint of color to your lips.

Lipsticks | Tayler's Edit

Well, that is my entire makeup routine! I know there are a lot of steps but like I mentioned, I LOVE doing my makeup so I don’t mind. You may have noticed that I don’t even use eyeliner on a daily basis either.Ā I probably spend around 30-45 minutes doing my makeup each morning.Ā  I could eliminate some steps if I absolutely needed to but I don’t want to.

Now, I want to know what your routine is! Do you wear as much makeup as I do on a daily basis or do you tend to keep it simple? Also, do you apply anything in a different order? ALSO, how long does it take you to do your makeup!? I would REALLY LOVE to know and have a conversation with you so please let me know!

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6 thoughts on “My FULL Makeup Routine!

  1. It takes me a minimum of 45 minutes if I do all of the steps, it can also go much longer but on days where I just do a base, highlight, mascara, and lips it can take 15 minutes or under. That’s too funny that you posted this because I have the same type of post scheduled to go live on Friday. I really loved reading yours, you have a great thing going šŸ˜ŠšŸ’•

    Liked by 1 person

    • haha yeah, I just read your daily makeup routine and its so similar to mine! I usually spend around 45 minutes to do everything too! lol. Thank you so much and sorry it took me so long to respond back! šŸ™‚


  2. Eyeshadow is my favourite part of my routine too!
    Every day is completely different for me when it comes to my routine. Some days I’m not feeling it, and other days I want a full face. Depending on what’s going on at work I might need to look more professional, or I might go crazy with color! It’s a new story everyday lol.

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