ColourPop Cosmetics: Sweet Talk Shadow Palette Review and Swatches!

Hi Friends!

Today we are talking about the ColourPop Sweet Talk eyeshadow palette! ColourPop is one of those brands that constantly releases new items that it is a little overwhelming and impossible to keep up with. However, they totally hooked me on the Sweet Talk palette from their Spring Collection. Just looking at the color story, I knew that this palette would be perfect for spring and definitely shades that I could get a lot of use from.

This palette is particularly really interesting and cool because it features FOURdifferent formulas. There are 12 eyeshadows in total, 2 pressed glitters, 7 matte shades, 2 shimmery shades, and 1 pressed Super Shock Shadow! This is the first ColourPop palette with pressed powders and a pressed Super Shock Shadow.

Besides this palette having four different formulas, it is a pretty standard ColourPop 12 pan palette. It retails for $18 which is an AMAZING deal! I praise ColourPop for always bringing a fair price.

ColourPop Cosmetics: Sweet Talk Shadow Palette Review and Swatches | Tayler's Edit

The Packaging

The packaging of this palette is BEAUTIFUL!! I don’t even know where to begin because I am so obsessed. The outside has a variety of pinks and peach tones. There is a face of a women in black and white printed on the front of the palette. Her eyes are crossed out though so it makes her sort of mysterious.

Around the rest of the palette there are pink bouquets of flowers. It just screams spring! Around the flowers, there are holographic lines that make the palette pop! On the back of the palette, the eyes of the woman appear like a cut out of a magazine. And then there are the names of all the shades!

ColourPop Cosmetics: Sweet Talk Shadow Palette Review and Swatches | Tayler's EditColourPop Cosmetics: Sweet Talk Shadow Palette Review and Swatches | Tayler's Edit

The inside of the palette does not come with a mirror but that’s okay with me. The design on the front with the flowers continues on the lid of the inside of the palette. The bottom of the palette where the eyeshadows sit has a holographic background! Its so cool how it refelcts light.

Overall, the packaging is a 10/10 – I LOVE IT! The size of ColourPop’s 12 pan palettes are my favorite.

The Shades and Swatches

In the first row, you have:

Catch Me – This is described as a pastel peach matte shade on ColourPop’s website but it is more of a cream satin shade.

Side2Side – This is the pressed super shock shadow! The eyeshadow is a glimmery champagne shade with pink and silver glitter. It doesn’t have a lot of color so I used it more as an eyeshadow topper!

Garden Date – This is a metallic coral with a gold sheen shimmer shade. This is my go to shimmer shade in the palette.

Work It – My FAVORITE matte in the palette is Work It. This is a light tan matte shade – it is a perfect transition shade!

ColourPop Cosmetics: Sweet Talk Shadow Palette Swatches | Tayler's Edit

In the second row, you have:

Prism Dress – The first pressed glitter shade in the palette Prism Drama and let me tell you – this is a beautiful glitter! The color is a pink champagne with a gold duo-chrome shift.

Meadow – This shade looks like a soft pink in the pan but it is actually a bright coral matte shade.

Early Mornin’ – The second pressed glitter shade in the palette is Early Mornin’! It is a true yellow gold glitter.

Dream Maker – This is a slightly softer coral matte shade than Meadow but they are very similar.

ColourPop Cosmetics: Sweet Talk Shadow Palette Swatches | Tayler's Edit

In the third row, you have:

ICYMI – If you didn’t know, the name of this shade means In Case You Missed It! This is a orange terracotta matte shade. I have had a little difficulty with this shade, it almost has hard pan which is annoying.

Melody – This is the second shimmery shade in the Sweet Talk palette. It is a metallic rose gold shadow – its really pretty!

West Side – This is a warm brown matte shade. I really like adding this one to deepen up the crease on top of Work It.

Feel Free – The MOST DISAPPOINTING shade is Feel Free. This shade is a complete dud (at least in my palette). It has no pigment and it immediately had hard pan. I had to straight up dig to build up any pigment for the swatch below.

ColourPop Cosmetics: Sweet Talk Shadow Palette Swatches | Tayler's Edit

My Review

There are some pros and cons to this palette. Don’t get me wrong, I really have been enjoying it! I think its overall a really beautiful palette! However, I have had some difficulty with a couple of the dark matte shades (Feel Free and ICYMI). Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that this has happened with a ColourPop palette – I also had a dud in the Kathleen Lights Zodiac palette.

I really like the concept and colors of this palette. I think that Meadow and Dream Maker are a little too similar but other than that there is a great variety of shades in this palette.

ColourPop Cosmetics: Sweet Talk Shadow Palette Review | Tayler's Edit

The glitter shades are actually so great! I think they work best with a glitter glue but they are pretty much self adhering. But you have to be careful with the application because you could end up with glitter everywhere!

The Super Shock Formula is also really cool although I would have preferred a more pigmented share instead of a shadow topper. I just rarely use shadow toppers but I did really enjoy this one!

I really like this palette! I do recommend it despite the couple of dud shades – I think it’s a really nice spring eyeshadow palette! It definitely is a lot of fun to play with all of the different formulas!

Let me know down below if you picked up this palette! What are you thoughts of it? If not, what has been your GO TO spring palette? I would LOVE to know!


15 thoughts on “ColourPop Cosmetics: Sweet Talk Shadow Palette Review and Swatches!

  1. Great post! I would love to try this, whilst I’m not the biggest fan of glitter, I love the peachy pink colour scheme. I’m really intrigued by their gel liners too!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you!! Glitter is just a fun bonus if you like it but there is still a lot to love in the palette outside of the glitter. The peachy / pink colors are perfect for this time of year! I am intrigued by their gel lines too – one of these days I will pick it up!


    • I think they have international shipping! I don’t know how affordable it is but at least its an option. I wouldn’t be surprised if they expand to other countries too. Glad you like the palette though! 🙂 X


  2. I still want this palette lol. Maybe some day! I just love coral colors!! It does seem their bigger palettes have one or two shades that just don’t work as well as the rest for some reason. But at least they aren’t $40 🙂 I hope Colourpop slows down a little because I definitely can’t keep up lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • I definitely can’t keep up with them either but I couldn’t resist this palette! And exactly, even though there may be a dud in every other palette, its still so affordable! I would be more upset if this palette was $40!

      Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t know why but the glitter in this palette is easy for me to use but I have a few other ColourPop pressed glitter shades and they get everywhere! I really don’t know why its different. But yeah, I am glad I like this palette too! 🙂


  3. Honestly this may be my favorite CP palette to date 🙈 …But also, I’m glad I’m not the only one that wasn’t very impressed by Side2Side – the formula is so different to the standard Super Shock Formula. I’ve been using it as a topper, too!! As always, your swatches are literal perfection.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I understand why it’s your favorite – its so pretty!! I am glad they tried something new with their Super Shock formula though, even though Side2Side is only really good as a topper. Aww thank you!!


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