Jouer Cosmetics: Rose Gold Collection Review!

Hi Friends!

Happy Monday! Today we are talking about the Jouer Cosmetics Rose Gold Collection! This is a set that I bought awhile ago because I was eager to try out Jouer but then it ended up sitting in my collection for awhile not getting any use. This is a curse of having TOO MUCH MAKEUP! But I finally pulled this set and wanted to go ahead and share my thoughts!

This set retails for $25 ($30 value) and includes 3 deluxe sized items from Jouer:

  • Pressed powder highlighter
  • Long-wear lip crème liquid lipstick
  • Long-wear lip topper

All three items are in the shade Rose Gold – go figure!

Jouer Cosmetics: Rose Gold Collection Review | Tayler's Edit

Here is how Jouer describes this set on their packaging: “Dip into luxury with the rose gold deluxe collection by highlighting your cheeks with creamy rose gold powder highlighter to enhance your “lit-from-within” glow and creating the pout of envy with long wear lip crème liquid lipstick in rose gold that will last all day. Top off your look of luxury with log wear lip topper in rose fold to refresh your look and add some shimmer. With this collection you will be rose gold perfection.”

Also, side note, Jouer is cruelty free!

Rose Gold Pressed Powder Highlighter

Jouer Rose Gold Pressed Powder Highlighter Review | Tayler's Edit

The highlighter is the winning product out of this entire set! Although the shade is technically rose gold, it really is more of a soft pink champagne shade. It looks really natural on my skin which is a light-medium. The formula is really smooth and easy to apply and blend on the cheeks. I am also pleasantly surprised that this deluxe highlighter comes with a mini mirror on the inside – its just helpful when you don’t have a larger mirror to look at.

If you follow me on Instagram (@taylersedit), you would have seen that I reached for this highlighter a lot this past month, whenever I wasn’t using my beloved Natasha Denona Blush & Glow highlighter.

Rose Gold Lip Crème Liquid Lipstick

Jouer Rose Gold Lip Crème Liquid Lipstick Review | Tayler's Edit

You can tell from the swatch that this liquid lipstick is pretty! It is a metallic rose gold shade. The formula is really smooth and extremely long wearing. It literally lasted all day 8+ hours which was really impressive. Unfortunately, the color is not super wearable for me. Don’t get me wrong, I like the color but it isn’t something I can wear on an everyday basis. I wish this was more of a pinky nude but of course it wouldn’t be the Rose Gold Collection then.

Rose Gold Lip Topper

Jouer Rose Gold Lip Topper Review | Tayler's Edit

This lippie is just a lip topper so it doesn’t have a lot of color to it. It just adds a sheer golden hue to the lips. It is a very glittery as well so it can be fun just topped over a clear lip balm. It is not completely transfer proof. I was giving David some kisses and he ended up with glitter all over him (worth it!).

Although the quality of this lip topper is great, again its not something that I will get a lot of use from. I don’t wear glitter lippies too often – really only when I am at home testing out new makeup!

Jouer Cosmetics: Rose Gold Collection Swatches | Tayler's Edit

In order: pressed highlighter, liquid lipstick, and lip topper in Rose Gold swatches!

My Final Thoughts

Sooo.. I would not buy this set again. I think it’s a little too expensive for what you get although I do think I will get a lot of use out of the highlighter, I really won’t use the other items very often. I did buy this on sale during the Sephora VIB Sale so that helps a little bit. I only recommend this set if you know that you will get use out of everything! I wish the lipstick and lip topper were a little bit more wearable for everyday and then this set would be worth it.

With all of that being said, everything in this set was great quality! It does make me excited to try other Jouer products in the future!

Let me know down below what you have tried from Jouer! Is there anything that I should test out for myself? I would love to know!


5 thoughts on “Jouer Cosmetics: Rose Gold Collection Review!

    • Yeah, I should have been more selective on what I bought! These shades might be wearable for someone else but they just aren’t for me. Can’t diss the quality though! 🙂


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