6 Amazing Cruelty Free Brands at the Drugstore!

Hi Friends!

In light of the recent Wet N Wild cruelty free scandal, I thought I would share 6 amazing drugstore brands that maintain their cruelty free status and integrity. These are all brands that I absolutely love and highly recommend. Even if you aren’t exclusively cruelty free – they’re just good brands!

ColourPop Cosmetics

ColourPop Cosmetics Cruelty Free Status | Tayler's EditColourPop Cosmetics Cruelty Free Status | Tayler's Edit

ColourPop is one of my ALL TIME favorite brands! They not only create makeup that is affordable but is also high quality as well. I feel like I am constantly excited by their new releases, even though they have a new collection every other week.

Their collections are really creative and beautiful. For example, their (semi) new Disney Villian’s collection! There was so much thought and creativity invested in this collection – it just makes me love the brand that much more. The Misunderstood palette was one of my favorite items form the collection.

I love ColourPop’s eyeshadow palettes but I also love their No Filter Complexion Concealer and blushes and highlighters. They have a full range of beautiful products!


Covergirl Cosmetics Cruelty Free Status | Tayler's Edit

Covergirl just recently went fully internationally cruelty free late 2018 – it was an amazing leap for the cruelty free community. Because Covergirl is such a big and well known brand, it shows that really any brand can be cruelty free.

And not only that by Covergirl is owned by Coty which is the parent company to many other brands like Rimmel London and Sally Hensen. The reason why I mentioned this is because this may be a first step in all Coty brands going cruelty free which would be amazing!

My ALL TIME favorite drugstore foundation is the Covergirl Healthy Elixir Foundation! I have posted an entire review of it because I LOVE it so much. I also love their professional setting powder, lipsticks, and mascaras! They are just a great brand overall!

Milani Cosmetics

Milani Cosmetics Cruelty Free Status | Tayler's EditMilani Cosmetics Cruelty Free Status | Tayler's Edit

One of my favorite drugstore brands is Milani Cosmetics. They are one of those brands that kind of fly under the radar but they have an amazing products! I am especially obsessed with their flower blushes  – they are so beautiful on the cheeks and really well made (I have all the colors!)

I also really like their eyeshadow palettes – I have their Milani Most Loved Mattes and it is one of the best palettes I have tried from the drugstore. It has everything that you would need for a matte palette.

BH Cosmetics

BH Cosmetics Cruelty Free Status | Tayler's Edit

BH Cosmetics makes some of my favorite brushes of all time! I use them in my daily routine all the time because I have bought several of their brush sets. I only have one of their eyeshadow palettes (the Royal Affair palette) and although I wasn’t in love with the colors, the quality was excellent.

I really want to try their other eyeshadow palettes like the Zodiac palette because everyone seems to love it. Right now, I am all about their makeup brushes though and highly recommend them!

ELF Cosmetics

ELF Cosmetics Cruelty Free Status | Tayler's Edit

I have been using ELF products for years and years – they are probably one of the first brands that I purchased when I started wearing makeup. I always bought drugstore brands and I really could only afford a couple of items and ELF seemed to just have good stuff!

In the past couple of years, ELF has grown like crazy (they even have skincare now) but they still remain that great go-to drugstore brand! One of my favorite products from them recently is the Poreless Putty Primer! It’s a wonderful pore filling primer that compares with Tatcha’s Silk Canvas primer. Like BH Cosmetics, ELF also makes amazing makeup brushes and they are so affordable!

Pixi Beauty

Pixi Beauty Cruelty Free Status | Tayler's EditPixi Beauty Cruelty Free Status | Tayler's Edit

And finally, there is Pixi Beauty! Pixi is a brand that I haven’t appreciated enough on my blog. I like both their makeup and their skincare items though! One of the first items I tried from Pixi was the Rose Oil Blend which is a beautiful and moisturizing night oil.

They also have beautiful lipsticks and lip tints which is probably what I use the most because its easy to slap on before work. I also have one of their Pixi GlowCake face palette trios (with the bronzer, blush, and highlight) which was a really nice palette but not worth the money.

I like so many items from Pixi though and definitely recommend checking them out!

There are definitely so many more amazing cruelty free brands from the drugstore but these are just a few of my favorites! I can appreciate brands that have values especially one as important as prohibiting animal testing on their products.

Like I mentioned above, I would recommend any of these brands! They all have amazing products in their line and are very affordable!

What do you think?

I would LOVE to know what your favorite drugstore brand is! Also do you primary shop cruelty free brands or is that not something you consider when purchasing?

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3 thoughts on “6 Amazing Cruelty Free Brands at the Drugstore!

  1. Love seeing all the pan in your colourpop photo! I agree about Milani. They are such a solid brand that we tend to not think about enough. I just picked up both bh zodiac palettes. I was able to get them half price. And I just couldn’t choose between them. I can’t wait for them to arrive! My daughter loves all her bh palettes so so much so I am looking forward to exploring the brand as well.


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