Pixi Beauty: Beauty Balm Foundation Review!

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Its foundation Friday! Today, we are talking about the “new” Beauty Balm Foundation from Pixi Beauty! I was scrolling through the beauty section at Target on my lunch hour (of course – I love Target), and this foundation caught my eye instantly. I really didn’t know Pixi Beauty had released a foundation but I definitely wanted to try it. Pixi is one of the high end drugstore brands – but I have loved all of their products that I’ve used.

This foundation retails for $22 and comes with 1.7 fl. oz of product which is almost double what a normal foundation comes with! The price seems high when you initially look at it but its actually going to last you a lot longer than other foundations. Unfortunately, there are only 6 shades which is extremely disappointing. I am in the shade No.2 Nude though for reference.

Pixi Beauty: Beauty Balm Foundation Review | Tayler's Edit

Claims & Benefits:

  • Medium to full coverage
  • Will keep skin hydrated all day
  • Long-lasting
  • Evens out skin tone and gives complexion a flawless look.
  • Contains ceramides, hyaluronic acid, adenosine and chamomile extract to soothe & nourish.
  • Cruelty-Free

Petra Strand (founder of Pixi Beauty) says “This is my SOS rescue foundation for the days when I need more coverage.”

Pixi Beauty: Beauty Balm Foundation Review | Tayler's EditPixi Beauty: Beauty Balm Foundation Review | Tayler's EditPixi Beauty: Beauty Balm Foundation Review | Tayler's Edit

The Packaging

Pixi Beauty does have very cute and simple packaging. The Beauty Balm foundation is a tube container with a pump which is literally my favorite packaging for foundations. My favorite foundation – the Too Faced Peach Perfect Matte Foundation also has this packaging. Its just so easy to use with a pump but you also feel like you’re getting all of the foundation out of the tube unlike with glass bottles.

The tube is Pixi’s signature mint green color and all of the messaging is gold. Its very cute but also practical so I love it!

My Review

The first thing that I noticed about the Beauty Balm is its STRONG fragrance – it is a mix of floral and something clean / sweet. Its very distinctive. I personally don’t mind scented makeup so I enjoy the scent but it is very strong so it took some getting used to.

I am really impressed with this foundation – it actually does everything that it claims! It has a beautiful medium-full coverage, definitely great to hide redness or any acne spots that you don’t want to show off. But it also is quite hydrating so it feels comfortable and soothing to the skin.

Pixi Beauty: Beauty Balm Foundation Review | Tayler's EditPixi Beauty: Beauty Balm Foundation Review | Tayler's Edit

For me, it does have a normal lasting power. Meaning it starts to break down after 10-13 hours of wear. But this is very consistent with my other foundations. It mainly breaks up around my nose and on my chin. But if I need to extend the life of it, I’ll just pat a paper towel or my finger around and it will help blend it back to looking normal. Overall, I do find it long lasting.

The best thing about this foundations and all good foundations really is how it looks on the skin. I LOVE how this looks on my skin, it evens out my complexion but doesn’t look cakey. It just looks naturally radiant which is all I can really ask for. The ultimate downfall is that this foundation only has 6 shades! Pixi needs to do better in making their foundations more inclusive. I noticed that their H2O Skintint also only has 6 shades.

I do recommend this foundation though – if you can find your shade, you will not be disappointed! It’s a really lovely foundation that I would definitely re-purchase if I ever used up the tube I already have.

Pixi Beauty: Beauty Balm Foundation Review | Tayler's Edit

What Do You Think?

Have you tried the Beauty Balm yet? What do you think of it? Also, what is your favorite foundation from the drugstore? I would LOVE to know!


2 thoughts on “Pixi Beauty: Beauty Balm Foundation Review!

  1. I need to try this foundation! It sounds absolutely perfect and I’m glad that you had such a good experience with it. I also love that it contains ceramides & hyaluronic acid. I’ll keep an eye out for a sale on this one!


  2. This sounds like an amazing foundation – I prefer medium coverage foundations that look and feel like skin, but that will last throughout the day. Plus, I really like the minimal packaging – it looks like it is super travel friendly!


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