Rolling Project Pan: 18 in 2018

Hi Friends!

Today I wanted to share my 18 in 2018 Makeup and Skincare Rolling Project Pan! If you aren’t familiar with a project pan its essentially the challenge to use up certain beauty items in your collection. A rolling project pan means as you cycle items out / finish them up, you cycle more items in.

I have a few items in this project that I will finish up fairly early in the year so that is why I am doing a rolling project pan. Some of these items I am only interested in getting some more use and some items I am trying to use completely up.

To start us off I have five skin care items that I want to finish this year!

Skin Care Use Up

Skin Care Items!

Skin Care

1. Pacifica Underarm Deodorant Wipes.

I received these in a Pop Sugar Must Have Box awhile ago. I think they are okay, I personally wouldn’t get use them as deodorant. I just don’t really have a use for them. I do have a couple other packs though so I am going to try to be thoughtful of using these.

2. OleHenriksen Nurture Me Moisturizing Crème

I LOVE this moisturizer! It feels so nourishing and smooth on the skin and it smells like a creamsicle! Of course, moisturizers take a while to use up and this is fairly full still but I think I can completely use this up this year.

3. OleHenriksen Ultimate Lift Eye Crème

I LOVE this eye crème! Honestly, I just love OleHenriksen products. I love the way my eyes feel at the end of the day when I put this crème on. This jar is really small but you only need the tiniest bit for your eyes so this will take me a while to use up.

4. Origins Out of Trouble Mask

I haven’t actually used this mask yet but I bought a multi-pack of Origin masks so I am adding this to this project so I can remember to use it! I should be able to use this by the end of the year.

5. Clean & Clear Persa-Gel 10 Acne Spot Treatment

I have used this for a while but I don’t really notice a difference in my acne spots. It does seem to have a drying affect but it’s not really great. I want to keep using it to see if I can make it work and it would be nice to use it up!

Face Powders

6. Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer

This bronzer is amazing and so affordable! I love using it as a bronze-tour. I have heard it takes forever it hit pan on this bronzer, so that is my goal for this year!

7. Cargo Cosmetics Powder Blush – The Big Easy

I already have a decent size of pan on this blush – it’s absolutely beautiful! I think using this up would be quite the challenge this year, not sure if I will be able to because I love trying new makeup but I will try!

8. CoverGirl Translucent Setting Powder

I really enjoy using this setting powder, it is such a great drugstore option! It takes forever to use up a setting powder though so my goal for this year is really just to get use out of it and to see progress.

Primer, Foundation, and Concealer

Foundation, Primer, and Concealer

Primer, Foundation, and Concealer!

9. Cherimoya Max Makeup Face Primer

I got this primer from Marshalls a while ago to try out, its okay. It doesn’t thrill me as a primer but I want to use it completely up just to get it out of my collection. I do have a bit of use out of it, I would say I am close to a third done with it.

10. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser

This is the oldest concealer in my collection – it needs to go! I am so close to the end, if I focus on only using this concealer I am sure I could use it up early this year.

11. Lorac CC Cream

I pretty much use this CC cream every morning under my foundation. It does a pretty good job covering up the redness on my cheeks, I enjoy using it so this should not be a problem to use up before the end of the year.

12. Marc Jacobs Marvelous Mousse (12 Ivory)

Surprisingly enough, this foundation is not my favorite. It is very light coverage and doesn’t last all day even with a setting powder and setting spray. I still enjoy it for when I want a more natural look or look like I’m not wearing makeup. I don’t think I will be able to use this completely up but I will try!


Britney Spears Curious Perfume!

Britney Spears Curious Perfume!

13. Britney Spears Curious

I know what you’re thinking but this perfume is not that old. I bought it kind of recently from Marshalls because I love the smell! It is just so nostalgic and sweet. I don’t have very much left so I am just looking to finish this up!


18 in 2018 lip products

Lip Products!

14. EOS Lip Balm

EOS is my favorite lip balm. I have so many of these as back ups and I keep them all around me so I constantly have lip balm. This will be no problem to use up!

15. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick

This lip balm is okay. It doesn’t really seem to last eight hours for me so it’s not worth the $22 price tag. It is the equivalent to Chapstick to me  which isn’t bad but there is no reason for me to keep it around. So I just want to use it up and move it out of my collection.

Eyes and Eyebrows

Mascara and Eye Brow Pencil

Eye Products!

16. Benefit Rolling Lash Mascara

I love this mascara, I  have already been using it for a couple of weeks so it shouldn’t be too long until its completely used up!

17. Benefit They’re Real Lashes Mascara

After the Benefit Rolling Lash, I plan to use this Benefit They’re Real Lashes! I added this to the project because I received this sample a while ago but it’s so small that I forget to use it.

18. Eyelure Eyebrow Pencils

This eyebrow pencil is the eyebrow pencil that never ends. I just want to use it up so I can move on to my Anastasia Brow Wiz full-time.

Well that’s it for this project pan post, let me know if you are panning anything this year or if you have used up any products recently!

If you liked this post, check out my Pan that Palette challenge this year as well!


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