Makeup Inclusivity.

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Today, I have a little bit more of a serious topic. As you may know, Tarte has recently released their Tarte Shape Tape Foundation which has stirred up a HUGE controversy about race and discrimination. So I wanted to jump in and share my thoughts.

Here is the image that caused it all. As you can see, here is a full arm of swatches of the shade range that the Tarte Shape Tape Foundation has launched with. This shade range is atrocious – I don’t understand how they would let this line release without having an inclusive range to offer.


The thing is  – they know EXACTLY what they are doing. It takes months and months and months to create a beauty line and there are A LOT of people that participate in the development, the marketing, the packaging, the formula, etc. And yes, I say a beauty line because they have released 15 shades of the hydrating foundation, 15 shades of the matte foundation, a beauty sponge, and a beauty paddle brush as part of this release.

According to a POPSUGAR interview there are 10 more shades being released soon, but to me, its too little too late. Medium and dark skin tones should not be an after thought.

Olivia from Livloveshermakeup on YouTube made a really great point that I didn’t think about initially. Tarte knew this foundation would sell. This was one of the most anticipated makeup releases of 2018. Why would they go a budget friendly route if they knew they would make their money back 10 fold.

Just to be clear though – this isn’t just Tarte. IT Cosmetics, Estee Launder, and many other high end brands have also been criticized for their limited shade ranges.

There are also plenty of brands that DO have an inclusive shade range. Fenty pretty much set the standard last year with the initial launch of 40 shades however Fenty is not the only ones to have that many shades in their line. (i.e Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation).

Overall, this is unacceptable. We should be taking steps forward to improve our society and sisterhood, not taking steps backwards.  I can’t imagine being excited purchasing an item and them not having my shade. I know Tarte Shape Tape Foundation already has a shade that I can use but I will not be purchasing this foundation. I think Alissa Ashley said it best when she said that we need to hold Tarte Cosmetics accountable.

Let me know what you guys think about this situation. Will you be purchasing the Tarte Shape Tape Foundation?


5 thoughts on “Makeup Inclusivity.

  1. Tarte is definitely cancelled for me. I won’t be buying any of their products for quite some time…even after they launch these new shades. As you said, “too little too late.” ESPECIALLY after they made the comment about darker shades being seasonal because people tan in the summer. 😶

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