Project Pan: All New Products Finale | August 2018

Hi Friends!

If you don’t already know, I am working on a 18 in 2018 Project Pan which is a project that I started at the beginning of the year to use up 18 products in my collection. I was starting to get a little tired of some of those products on an every day basis so I started this mini July Project Pan to kind of bring some new products into my routine. I chose a lot of these products because they were new to my collection or they had been sitting there for awhile getting no use.


So this past month was a mix of good and bad. Some products I used A LOT and some I hardly used but ultimately I am glad that I took a little break and let myself play with different products.

Dr. Brandt Vacuum Cleaner Blackhead Extractor Mask – This is a hard mask to see progress on or mark exactly where I am at but I actually did use it a handful of times in the past month! Probably not as much as I should have but I also wanted to play around with other masks in my collection. It was super enjoyable and I do think it vacuumed a few blackheads out of my pores.


Valjean Labs Hydrate Facial Serum – I am actually SO proud of the progress on this serum! I used it nearly everyday for the past month and I have a little more than half left. I haven’t been using this serum all over my face but mainly on my neck and chest. I don’t think it has done anything dramatic for me but it does add a little moisture and I know talking care of your neck is just as important as your face when it comes to anti-aging.


Benefit The POREfessional Primer – This is another product that I am so thrilled with the progress! I have almost used up this entire tube! I probably have 3 more weeks with this primer and then it will be used up all the way!


Sunday Riley The Influencer Foundation – I did pretty decent with this foundation, although it is hard to see exactly where I am at on the tube. I did mix it up a bit this month, especially for the Benefit Hello Happy foundation but I still used this one several times! I will have a review soon!


Too Faced Peach Blur – This one does not show any progress and nor did I expect it to! It is so hard to make a dent in pressed powder and I honestly haven’t been using this one that much. I kind of forgot it was in this project for awhile but I did use it a handful of times so I am happy about that!


Hourglass Ambient Lightening Bronzer – I really LOVED using this bronzer all month! I also took this month to use several of my bronzers so it won’t show that much progress if any but I definitely dipped into this one most of the month.


Urban Decay Naked Petite Heat – I hate to end on a not so good note but I didn’t use this palette that much. I just felt like if I was going to reach for anything orange, I should use Realgar from the Modern Renaissance. I did use it a few times and mainly incorporated Inhale and Vibrate since I use shades that like in nearly every eye look. At least its now been used!


I am so happy I took this little break over the past month, its been really nice to use a bunch of products in my collection and I still feel like I made a dent in a few things I have been working on all year long. Having this break makes we re-think how I want to project pan next year. I am not sure exactly what I am going to do so stay tuned!

Let me know down below if you are doing any project like this, I would love to follow along!


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