Morphe: Continuous Setting Mist Review!

Hi Friends!

I FINALLY have a review for you of the Morphe Continuous Setting Mist! I bought this spray awhile ago from Ulta and I have used it so much that I am almost out of it at this point. Of course, I always like to review everything from my hauls so I wanted to get this up before I completely ran out of this spray.

(Spoiler Alert!) I have almost used up this entire setting spray, because I literally LOVE it so much! I know Morphe is a controversial brand and some of their items are not good quality but this setting spray is fantastic!


Product Details

Anyway, back to some more details about the Continuous Setting Mist. This spray does retail for $15 from Ulta and Morphe’s site directly. It comes with 2.8 oz / 82.8 mL of product which it a little less than a normal full size setting spray.

For example, the Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray, the Too Faced Hangover Rx Primer & Setting Spray, and the Smashbox Photo Focus Primer Water all come with 4 oz / 120 mL of product. However, those are all upwards of $30 so the Morphe setting spray is still a better deal. Although, I would expect it to be a little less expensive since it is Morphe.

On the back of the Continuous Setting Mist, it says “A micro-fine mist sets liquid or powder makeup with a radiant finish. A continuous, air-powered spray delivers even and controlled application”.


My Review

I know I already gave this away, but I really love this setting mist! As it claims, it just has this continuous spray that is so even and refreshing when it touches your skin. I hate when a spray splashes you on a certain part of your face, and you get scared that it is about to ruin your makeup. I wish I could show you the spray in a picture! It literally is just amazing.

As far as it setting your makeup, I really do feel a difference. I feel like after using this spray, it makes my setting powder just blend into my skin. I really like spraying this all over my face and then taking my Beauty Blender and pushing it into my skin. It just feels really nice and it makes your makeup look flawless. This helps even if your skin is looking a little dry.


This setting spray also has a really nice spa scent. Which doesn’t make a difference in the performance but it is a nice bonus!

Overall, as you can tell, I really like this setting spray! I highly recommend it if you are interested in trying a new setting spray. I think its pretty affordable and definitely an amazing product.

Anyway, let me know down below what your favorite setting spray is! I would love to know!!

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