30 Days of Sheet Masks!

Hi Friends!

So I saw a blog post like this called “Month of Masks – January 2018” by Kathylcsw and was inspired to also do a month of sheet masks! I wanted to see if 30 days of sheet masks would transform my skin in anyway, especially with hydration and brightening. This project is also a good way to learn what I do and don’t like about sheet masks. If you read through my empties for the first quarter of the year (January, February, and March), then you would have seen how many masks I went through and this is exactly why.

Let me tell you this was a challenge and a commitment. It is surprisingly hard to take 15-20 minutes to yourself each day to do a face mask. I started 2/27 and wore a sheet mask everyday until 3/28. It was extremely enjoyable and relaxing. There were some days where I just wanted to wash my face and go to bed but I was committed to using a mask everyday for 30 days. So that is exactly what I did!

So each day, I took a few notes on what I thought of the mask and I had them listed chronologically however, I felt like that would be too many bullet points to read through so I am splitting it up by the good and the bad masks. Let me know if you want to share my thoughts on any mask in particular though!

Overall, I didn’t have too many masks that I didn’t like. All of them were relatively enjoyable and moisturizing. Some of them were just better than others. Some of these were so saturated with product that I had to pour some of the “essence” down the drain and some of them were obviously just a cheap mask that didn’t really have any skin benefits.

I picked up most of these from TJ MAXX or Marshalls (you know, my favorite stores) but I did receive the SK-II Facial Treatment Mask as a gift.

Any of the masks that I list as good, I would definitely re-purchase and recommend to you if you are into sheet masks! And then obviously, if I list them as bad, I would not recommend nor re-purchase myself.


So here are the masks that I really enjoyed in the past 30 days!

  1. TONYMOLY –  Master Lab (Intensive Wrinkle Care)
  2. TONYMOLY – Master Lab Caviar Nutrition (Intensive Nutrition)
  3. SKINFOOD – Beauty Berry (SKINFOOD Everyday Beauty Berry Facial Mask Sheet)
  4. SKINFOOD – Everyday Yogurt Facial Mask Sheet
  5. SKINFOOD – Marine Food Gel Mask (Oyster)
  6. Origins –  Flower Fusion Orange
  7. Public White – Mask of The Fresh Cucumber
  8. Public White – Mask of the Fresh Aloe
  9. TRUBEAUTY – Green Tea Anti-Shine Facial Mask
  10. TRUBEAUTY – Charcoal Pore Minimizing Facial Mask
  11. Esfolio –  Green Tea Essence Mask Sheet
  12. Esfolio –  Egg Essence Mask Sheet
  13. Esfolio – Collagen Essence Mask Sheet
  14. Esfolio – Pearl Essence Mask Sheet
  15. SK-II – Facial Treatment Essence
  16. Karuna – Exfoliating + Face Mask
  17. Yadah – Need Better Pores Charcoal Mask
  18. The Crème Shop – Fusion Black Sheet Mask with Charcoal and Almond
  19. Patchology – Hydrate Flash Masque
  20. The Crème Shop – Kale Face Mask
  21. Sephora – Lotus Face Mask
Sheet Masks

These were my absolute favorites!

And these ones that I didn’t enjoy as much.

  1. Bling Pop –  Lemon Face Mask Vitamin +Brightening
  2. Boscia – Wakame Firming Hydrogel Mask
  3. Alba – Botanica Fast Fix Sheet Mask (grapefruit even tone)
  4. Yes To Grapefruit – Brightening Vitamin C Glow Boosting Paper Mask
  5. Mimiang – Animal Pig Collagen Mask
  6. TONYMOLY – I’m Real Seaweeds Mask Sheet Skin Purifying
  7. TONYMOLY – I’m Real Red Wine Mask Sheet Pore Care
  8. SKINFOOD – Coconut Sheet Mask
  9. Beauty Concepts – Vitamin C Facial Mask Brightening


Overall, way more good than bad! As far as my results on this challenge, I do feel like my skin is more hydrated then it was before. My skin wasn’t necessarily dehydrated before, but I do notice a slight improvement. Ultimately, I don’t feel like my skin improved all that much over the past month.

I really enjoyed this challenge but I am glad it is over. I am ready to use my other masks and step away from sheet masks! I feel like the best thing for my skin is to change up my routine more often. For example, in a given week, I would like to use a pore cleansing mask, a brightening mask, and a sheet mask. I think each of these would help me keep my skin looking fresh, clean, and hydrated.

Let me know what your favorite sheet mask is below and if you would attempt this challenge!


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