Esfolio: Red Ginseng Essence Sheet Mask Review!

Hi Friends!

Today we are talking about the Esfolio Red Ginseng Essence Sheet Mask! I have used several Esfolio sheet masks and they are some of my absolute favorites. I usually buy them at TJ MAXX or Marshalls so they are super affordable there. For the Red Ginseng mask, I bought a set of 10 for $7.99 so it was less than a $1 a mask!

If you aren’t familiar with Esfolio, there products are made in Korea so they are somewhat a K-Beauty brand. I think they are based in the Philippines though.

They claim that this sheet mask is “enriched with red ginseng extract and various nutritive components to deliver abundant moisture and nourishment deep into your skin.”

Esfolio: Red Ginseng Essence Sheet Mask Review | Tayler's Edit

The Packaging

The packaging for this sheet mask is pretty basic. Esfolio always has interesting, cute artwork on the front of their masks. Because this is their red ginseng mask, there are little red ginseng roots all over the front. They are all illustrated along with a few other flowers and random plants.

The packaging is mostly covered in Korean but there luckily the ingredients and how to use are in English as well (if you need help on using a sheet mask, lol).

My Review

The first thing that I noticed about this mask is that it has a weird smell. It smells earthy and like ginseng which I really don’t enjoy. The very last ingredient for this mask is “fragrance” so I have no clue why they made it smell like that. After you take it out and wear it for a bit, the smell becomes less apparent.

Esfolio: Red Ginseng Essence Sheet Mask Review | Tayler's Edit

But BESIDES THAT, this mask is PACKED with essence. It is absolutely soaked and dripping when you pull it out of the pouch. I usually take the extra essence and rub it on my neck, arms, and legs. Literally there is so much in there.

The mask feels really nice on the face. It is definitely hydrating and soothing. I haven’t noticed any long term affects but I think sheet masks usually are an on-going effort.

I think out of all of the Esfolio masks that I have used, this is my least favorite. There isn’t anything really wrong with the Red Ginseng one but I like others better. It is hard to explain.

Let me know down below if you have tried any Esfolio sheet masks! What is your favorite mask in general? I would love to know!


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