ELF Cosmetics: Poreless Putty Primer Review!

Hi Friends!

How are you doing today? I am excited to be reviewing the NEW E.L.F. Poreless Putty Primer! This has been a raved about primer ever since it came out. In fact, it took me weeks to get my hands on it. One time, I noticed that it was in stock on Ulta.com, I added it to my cart and then went back to look around for a few other items that I was interested in and by the time I made it back to my cart – it was sold out again! But I finally managed to get it!

A few reasons why this is such a sought after primer is because it is a dupe for the Tatcha Silk Canvas primer which I also have. I have actually only used the Silk Canvas primer once so I don’t know how it compares to the ELF Poreless Putter Primer but let me know if you would be interested in a comparison. The other reason why it has been consistently out of stock is because Jeffree Star reviewed this primer and gave it his stamp of approval.

ELF Cosmetics: Poreless Putty Primer Review | Tayler's Edit

Product Details

This primer retails for $8 which is SO AFFORDABLE! Especially when you compare it to the $52 price tag on Tatcha Silk Canvas. As of right now, there is only one ELF Poreless Primer in the shade “universal sheer”. It also comes with .74 oz of product which can last you a very long time depending on how you use it.

ELF claims that this primer will “create smooth skin and preps it with Squalane to moisturize and grip makeup for all-day wear. The velvety texture glides over the skin, smoothing over imperfections for a poreless effect.”

The Packaging

ELF Cosmetics: Poreless Putty Primer Review | Tayler's Edit

The packaging for this primer is simple but effective. It is just a shallow tube with a screw on lid. The lid is black and the bottom is clear. The lid also says “ELF” and then the name of the prime (Poreless Putty Primer). So as you can tell, ELF has really simple packaging but its effective! You don’t really need anything more to hold this primer and why pay for extra packaging?

This primer doesn’t come with anything to scoop it out of the jar so I just use a beauty spatula that I bought on Amazon. You definitely want to use something to help scoop out the product for sanitary purposes.

ELF Cosmetics: Poreless Putty Primer Review | Tayler's Edit

My Review

Guys, this primer is AMAZING!! Not just for the price but just overall. I have been using this just in my t-zone area where I have the largest pores and I really can see a difference. It fills in the pores to make your skin look poreless and smooth. It does feel quite moisturizing and comfortable on the skin and under makeup.

You really don’t need very much to smooth out your pores. The first couple of times, I used WAY too much. It didn’t have a negative impact on my skin but I just realized that you really don’t need that much so why waste product.

It feels like a soft putty. It is hard to describe but it reminds me of something that I would play with as a kid. But its soft and is easy to blend into the skin.

ELF Cosmetics: Poreless Putty Primer Review | Tayler's Edit

I really can’t say enough GOOD things about this primer. ELF knocked it out of the park with this item. I love the quality, I love the price, I love how it makes my skin look. It’s a major win! So if you couldn’t tell by now, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND! You won’t regret trying out this primer.

Let me know down below if you have tried this primer! If not, what are you using right now? I would LOVE to know!


14 thoughts on “ELF Cosmetics: Poreless Putty Primer Review!

  1. Loved this post!! I think I DEFINITELY need this primer now!!! If you put too much on does it go all weird and bunch up? I’ve tried the Benefit Porefessional Primer before and when i’ve accidentally applied too much it’s kinda balled up and gone weird?

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    • Thank youuuuu!! If you put too much on, it doesn’t get weird and bunch up (I have definitely experienced that before with other primers so I know exactly what you’re talking about). This one just was a little thicker on your face if you put too much on, but it still looked really nice! I didn’t have any issues with putting on too much, I just realized that I didn’t need to use that much to have the same affect, if that makes sense. If you get this, PLEASEEEEEE let me know what you think!!


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